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Say You'll Be Mine: A Second Chance Romance
Say You'll Be Mine: A Second Chance Romance

Say You'll Be Mine: A Second Chance Romance


4.40 (394 ratings)
Laws of Engagement for dealing with an Ex:
Rule #1: Don't give into temptation for a kiss just to see if they taste the same.
Rule #2: No clothing removal. Seriously, don't take them off.

Twelve years and too many pairs of stilettos later, Shaelyn Lawrence is back where she started: New Orleans. She's returned only to take care of her grandmother, and after that? She's out, hopefully long before she sees irresistible Brady Taylor, the boy who stomped all over her heart. But when a family member approaches her for help, there's only one person she can to turn to...and he's just as infuriatingly sexy as she remembers. Oh boy.

New Orleans Detective Brady Taylor has his sights on the finish line: getting promoted to sergeant. Nothing, and no one, is getting in his way--except that he didn't prepare for her return, the girl who left him without a word. Resisting Shaelyn has never been his strong suit, and now all he can think about is stripping her out of her f*ck-me heels and kissing the lipstick off her sassy mouth. And when she asks him for help, he's forced to decide between his career and the woman he's never stopped loving.

Rule #3: Don't even think about falling in love again...

SAY YOU'LL BE MINE is the first full-length novel in the NOLA Heart series, but can be read as a standalone. If you like quirky characters, hot cops, and steamy scenes that will have you fanning your kindle, then you're in the right place. Things are about to get hot down in the Big Easy...


Kindle Customer
A second chance at love, or another broken heart???

This book will grab you from the beginning and not let go!!! Emotional rollercoaster!!! Be prepared to adopt all the characters and want the remaining books!!!
Happy reading : )

Sam R
Sweet and sexy second chance romance!

I enjoyed this. I like how Shae and Brady came back together. There’s nothing I like better than a former couple getting a second chance. The beginning was a little iffy to but I enjoyed the connection between them and how they found their way back to one another, and became solid!

Good second change romance

I really enjoyed the banter between Shae and Brady and I love a great second chance romance because I'm a firm believer in love being strongest when experienced at the right time, right place. And most of the story was fantastic- I liked the push and pull and overall, I enjoyed the romance. However, I did think that part of the story was a little contrived, especially the argument that caused the break-up, which actually put Shae in a poorer, slightly irrational light. Overall, though, I liked the supporting cast and the fun story, as well, as previously mentioned, the fun banter. There are strong characters in this story and I'm looking forward to the other stories in this series.

George Tyler
Oh wow

I love meme Elaine in this book. She ties it all together. It was a great read. The shenanigans are amazing.

Peggy Dibble
This is Shaelyn and Brady's love story

She's been running from him for the last twelve years and would still be running if her Grandmother hadn't contacted her claiming to be dying. Brady was supposed to go to college and become a lawyer, but once she was gone he changed course and became one of New Orleans finest, he sees her and is once again lost. I would recommend this book for mature readers (sexual content, and situations) that enjoy reading stories that are funny, steamy, suspenseful, and romantic. This is the first one of Maria's books but not the last. Well done.

Kindle Customer Joey Bowden.
My First Maria Luis Book.

I'm your typical Romance book reviewer. I am a straight up Bubba who loves to read romances. I had a couple of friends basically twist my arm to give this Author a shot and I'm so damn glad I did. Shaelyn and Brady's story was one that captured you and drew you in. 12 years apart due to misunderstandings, lies,pain,fear, but one backyard Barbecue threw them together again. It's not an easy road for our couple, secrets come to light , secrets ultimately cause more heartbreak, and heartache. Our couple have no problem in the very well written steamy side of their relationship, but trust is as fragile as a soap bubble. After a giant screw up, Brady makes an over the top grand gesture ,unfortunately Shae is wearing Tweety bird pj's when it takes place. They finally get their HEA and it was worth the struggle to get there.
You have matchmaking grandmothers, a interesting neighbor lol, a case that takes a toll on our hero, and cat that behaves as cats are prone to do. This was my first but it definitely won't be my last Maria Luis book. Do yourself a favor and give this one a try, I think you will love as much as I did.

Kindle Customer
Loved Meme!!

Good love story. I think back and forth tension made the story. Brady and Shea were great together. Thank you Maria

Amazon Customer
Brady & Shaelyn

I enjoyed Brady and Shaelyn’s story. I know they were both afraid to commit because they didn’t want to be heartbroken again. So many missed opportunities to get back together in the twelve years they were apart! Glad they finally found each other again.
My only quibble was with a couple of words that seemed like a different one would have been better. The word effused was used a couple of times and it just felt like it should have been infuse(d). There was another one but I don’t recall what it was. It was only once.

I will definitely read more books by this author.