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Rockland PD Series, Novels 1-3
Rockland PD Series, Novels 1-3

Rockland PD Series, Novels 1-3


No Walking Away

Twenty-eight years ago, Stan Parker and Angela Carpenter broke off their engagement when each wanted to go their separate ways.

Stan became a sheriff’s deputy, married a dispatcher, and had a daughter. His wife died 7 years ago leaving him lonely and unhappy. Stan decided to retire and move to Rockland to be with his daughter, her husband, and new granddaughter.

Angela is the Rockland County Attorney. She had married but divorced after 5 years. Now she is lonely and unhappy. Angela is up for reelection and her nasty opponent is trying to prevent it.

Stan is bored so he applies for an investigator job under Angela. All he really wants is to talk to her because he thinks he still has feelings for Angela and wants to know if she still has feelings for him.

Angela is reluctant to interview Stan for the investigator job. Can she put aside the past to work with Stan?

Stan becomes the Chief of Police at Rockland PD following a man who led by intimidation.

Stan and Angela have many challenges to overcome, such as working relationship, personal relationship, threats, kidnapping, bomb threats, election and family issues.

Can Stan and Angela overcome all the trials they face?

Wrong for Each Other

Assistant County Attorney Ken Anderson spends his weekends drinking and running around. After waking up with another hangover, Ken decides not to drink so much anymore. Ken and his buddy, Tony, go out to eat and see Mia Correa and Faye Kincaid at the restaurant. Ken decides he has to ask Mia out.

Mia Correa has just been promoted to Lieutenant over the Detective Division and enjoys her work. Mia catches Ken and Tony staring at them. She does not like to be stared at and warns Ken to stay away from her. She has heard about Ken, Judge Anderson’s bad boy son!

Ken finally corners Mia to ask her out. Mia very bluntly tells Ken that he would have to stop drinking and running around first. She agrees to give him two weeks to change with Mia’s friend Angela being the judge.

Someone sends Ken a bomb and later takes shots at him. Who is trying to kill him? Then Ken finds out that he has a seven-year-old daughter whose mother is going to prison for five to ten years. Ken is given custody of Becky and his mother comes to stay with Ken to help with Becky.

Mia heads up the task of protecting Ken, his mother and his daughter.

Will Ken change his bad boy ways? Will he be able to take care of a seven-year-old girl? Will he be safe from the killer?

Can Mia believe Ken has changed enough to give him a second chance?
Can she protect him and his family from a killer?

A New Leaf

Lieutenant Fay Kincaid has plenty on her plate with being commander of the Rockland PD Support Division which included two of the most prestigious units there, SWAT and the Bomb Squad as well as CSU, SRO and Dispatch. Not only that, but she is the single mother of a six-year-old daughter, Ashley, who thinks she’s an adult.

Fay is certainly not looking for a man in her life, especially not the handsome doctor some call Dr. Kildare behind his back. He has the reputation for being the worst kind of playboy and Fay wants nothing to do with him.

Wayne Holland hasn’t realized it yet but he’s getting tired of the playboy lifestyle and needs to put some stability in his life.

First, his Aunt Esther who raised him comes to live with him. Then he starts to see Fay Kincaid as other than the cop he always argues with about whether his patients should be handcuffed or not.

Many things happen to keep bringing Fay and Wayne together not to mention that Ashley loves him on sight.

Finally, they face a life-or-death situation together. How will they both come out of it. Will this bring them together or push them farther apart?