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Ritual : The Lord of Misrule #1 (The Paranormal World)
Ritual : The Lord of Misrule #1 (The Paranormal World)

Ritual : The Lord of Misrule #1 (The Paranormal World)


5.00 (1 ratings)
Venice, Italy. Where lovers dream…and nightmares come to dance.

Twenty-five-year-old cub reporter Alessandra “Alex” Donati needs a scoop, or she can kiss her gig at a salacious New York newspaper good-bye. After wildly pitching a full-length expose on a secret Venetian cult rumored to perform ancient, mystical rites, Alex flies to the city of her birth to track the story down.

When shadowy figures begin following her the moment she starts asking questions, she knows there’s truth to the old rumors . . . and that she’s found something much darker than a bunch of global, elite socialites playing grab-ass on a secluded island each year. Key to her investigation is Paolo Galvan, multi-zillionaire and alleged leader of the cult, who sweeps Alex off her feet and into his bed—only to be murdered right before her eyes.

In her escape, Alex teams up with the Goodfellow twins, two striking and skilled young men who confirm what Alex has been trying to deny: That the Venetian cult are not even human, and in fact can transform themselves into bloodthirsty beasts.

The Goodfellow boys are there on a mission from their murdered mother to destroy the cult, and Alex is happy to help . . . once she gets her story.

If she lives that long.