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Peace Keeper
Peace Keeper

Peace Keeper


3.40 (6 ratings)

Xander Martin is a member of the Terran Peacekeepers, the guardians of order on the fringes of the frontier. Beyond the borders of the Terran Republic, lie many worlds and civilizations of Humanity, all with different agendas and ambitions.

However, when a routine patrol to Takalu results in the discovery of the ruins of a fleet engagement in the orbit of the remote frontier planet, Xander very quickly finds himself in the middle of a vast and rapidly unfolding course of events; that may permanently affect Humanity as a whole.

The academy told Xander that a single Peacekeeper can do great things for good, but can a single man really change the course of large and mighty space faring civilizations? Or is he simply fated to be witness to the great destabilizing force of ambitious nations, who hunger for the riches contained in the most unexpected of places?


Karina Loureiro
I wanted more.

I seldom write a review, but after reading this wonderful book I had to share my thoughts...never heard of this author but was recommended.
This author writes with so much thought and crafting of each chapter I was totally drawn in to the story...I wanted more.

Well worth a read!

As an avid fan of the sci-fi genre; I wholeheartedly recommend this short story! I was a bit skeptical going into it, but as I kept reading I literally could not put the book down. For the price, this is most definitely a must buy.

Great Book!

This book was very well written.

An extremely powerful story,
I think alot of people would enjoy this book
As you know, the best way to learn how to do something is by immersing yourself in it. Luckily!
money$$ well spent!

Like all works of art, no two books will be identical.
I suggest buying all of them and reading them all as you can spend 5$ to purchase them all. 5 stars!!!!

Amazon Customer
Move On - Nothing to Read Here

This book really needs an editor. Grammar, spelling and syntax distract from the story. Technically there are many errors. Since Elizabethan times the British Royal Navy have never saluted with the palm facing outward. One never says "over and out" on radio comms, and it is a Court Martial - not a courts marshall.
Unfortunately I feel I wasted time reading this book.