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Passing the Torch
Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch


4.60 (313 ratings)

From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author, Winter Travers, comes the highly anticipated Devil's Knights 2nd Generation.

The club was my life.
It was all I had ever known.

Becoming the next president of the Devil's Knights is all I have ever wanted.
The gavel in my hand and the wind at my back.

Sometimes dreams don't always come true like you plan.


Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
Enjoying the series!

We really enjoyed this story the characters were all simply amazing! I loved Reva and Hero's story it was super sweet. I loved Reva she was a lot of fun and had this easy going personality so much so those who just met her could not help but love her. Not only that, but I loved how easily she merged with the other women of the club they instantly took a liking to her and took her under their wings. Getting pissed drunk might have helped! lol

We loved Hero from the onset of meeting him the sexy biker is all alpha but, has a super sweet side to him that we just loved and what we loved even more is that he kinda had this dog whisper thing going on that made him even more attractive. Talk about taking what you want and locking a woman down and making her yours because Hero's pace was

Luna that women was all fire and a force to be reckoned with and that mouth of her was something else. That woman was pure enjoyment!

Overall this was a great start to a brand-new series and introducing the next generation yet, still getting to see so many of our other favorite characters. Those old ladies of the club are still the bomb! We have been in a bit of a book funk of late, so we were really glad that this story made us smile and had us grinning ear to ear. Reva and her profession and her revolving door of dogs was just the thing to melt the heart of a hot alpha biker and make him fall in love...

Hero and Reva

The Devil Knights are back! This was a great way to start off a new series with the second generation. Hero and and Reva are adorable. With all that’s going on around them they embark on a journey filled with palpable chemistry, a beautiful friendship, and of course a heartfelt romance. I absolutely loved, adored, and enjoyed every moment of this book.

Loved it!

Absolutely loved this book. Can’t wait to read more. Hopefully the rest aren’t too expensive. Only one complaint/issue: I wanted more. I think it was just too short. Read this in a day.

Merry Jelks- Emmanuel
Good Story

Hero was itching to take the reigns as President of the MC and he got his chance to act as acting President while his parents went on vacation. He and Reva connected when one of the dogs she grooms got loose and went over to the MC’s back yard. They are drawn to each other but he has his hands full with a string of deaths. Will they get their chance for their budding relationship to blossom into a happily ever after? Their story will have you in their corner cheering them on!

Mc Read

If your looking for Hot read that MC that will keep you up all night with book hang over next day this your book .action packed hot steamy scenes only mature Audience only Devils Knights won't Disappoint you.

Isabelle D'A
A must read......

A must read book that will take you on an amazing ride. In what can be considered a monotonous world of MC romance, Winter Travers bring a fresh, gripping, up beat and at times heartwrenching perspective that is reinvigorating and exhilarating.