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Outbreak (N87 Virus)
Outbreak (N87 Virus)

Outbreak (N87 Virus)


4.50 (9 ratings)
When the world crumbled…

…she became prey.

Can she survive the road trip from hell?

When the virus reached the little Georgia hospital where Veronica worked she thought she was prepared. She was wrong.

A single bite changed her life forever.

She’d spent years pushing people away, but to survive as the world spiraled into an apocalypse would be impossible alone. So, when her estranged brother offered to help get her to safety she accepted.

Now she just had to make it to the pickup location. The clock was ticking. The sick are hunting. And the infection was spreading.

Can she survive long enough to reach the safety of the bunker?

The outbreak is just the beginning…

You’ll love this remarkable twist on the zombie/dystopian adventure. This novella is a prequel to the novel After the Outbreak.
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