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One Southern Cowboy
One Southern Cowboy

One Southern Cowboy


4.60 (89 ratings)
Sometimes you have to forget all that you know … to learn how to love again.

The player in the family, Jaxson goes through girlfriends faster than a hot knife through butter. A near fatal accident with a familiar face might be the very thing to give this cowboy a fresh take on love and loyalty.

Jaxson locked his heart a long time ago and has no intention of opening it back up for anyone. Sure, he was heartbroken once when his ex-girlfriend Lemon betrayed him, but that was a lifetime ago. He has long since moved on. Then, why is he seeing Lemon? Was it her at the rodeo? Or a trick of the light?

Coming home from Hartley and Ramsey’s wedding, Jaxson gets the shock of his life when he sees Lemon standing in the middle of the road. He swerves to miss her …

Was she real or did he only imagine it?

Get ready for a suspenseful ride! Where secrets abound and tender love gets a second chance. A place for the heart to remember, even when the head can’t.

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Kindle Customer
Good book

This is a pretty good book, the characters don't spend half the book trying not to love each other.I think you will like it.

Kindle Customer

a book that's about a family that owns a ranch in Tenas.and how one young women who had left needed help.

P. Williams

Another suspenseful storyline that keeps you turning pages. Shows the unity and strength of family and how love with the right person lasts.

One more

One more page turner for Jennifer. There was everything included to make a captivated love store, romance ,mystery and humor.

Kindle Customer
One Southern Cowboy

Jaxson was the player in the family. After losing the love of his life he wasn't giving anyone the chance to capture his heart again. Lemon was running from something. If only she could remember what. A second chance at love.
Another wonderful book.

Kindle Customer George
Good story

This story has danger, intrigue, love, romance, friendship and much more. Two classmates find love again after years of missing each other.

J Archibald
Another delightful Romeo book

The Romeo family is such a wonderful group. Jaxson is every bit as great as the rest of the clan. One Southern Cowboy is an exciting, suspenseful and romantic story. Jennifer Youngblood had once again written a story that grabbed my attention and never let it go.

Betz Simpson
Great read

I liked the story line, very refreshing and there was no explicit sex and 4 letter words.
I try new authors ( to me) and really glad I found this one.

Kindle Customer
Great story

This story has a lot of danger,danger,suspense and a little romance thrown in keeps you turning the pages until the very last page looking forward to reading more books from this author

A clean, moviing romance.

A great and moving story.

Amazon Customer
Book review

I really enjoyed reading this feel good romance book. It gets you rooting for the good guys. No foul language or raunchy bedroom scenes. Thank you