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Now and Forever 4, The Renovated Heart
Now and Forever 4, The Renovated Heart

Now and Forever 4, The Renovated Heart


4.70 (2 ratings)

Two love stories, side-by-side.
Tunney Nichols is so lonely he lets Kit, a houseless married woman, live in his mother’s place while he renovates it. His guarded heart is safe because he never fools around with married women. Or is it? How come all the male clothes in the closet are brand new and in different sizes? What’s she hiding?

Kit’s life comes to a halt when her husband slaps her with a divorce. Finding herself without a place to live, she takes Tunney’s offer of cheap rent. Telling a lie she soon regrets, she’s drawn to the sexy man plastering and painting his way into her heart. Can she resist him?


Does a man ever get over the humiliation of his wife’s infidelity? Building a wall around his heart, Jim leads a simple bachelor professor’s life until he meets his beautiful new neighbor, Sarah, and her two kids. Stuffing his desire for a family down has been easy until now. How can he reach out to a widow whose heart is scarred by abuse? Can Sarah get past her disastrous past to make a new connection or is it too late?