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Not Forgotten
Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten


4.60 (20 ratings)

A DIRTY COP, A POPULAR LOCAL ATTORNEY running for governor, and the son of the richest oilman in Texas all guard a secret they are willing to kill to keep—the secret behind a young coed from the inner city found floating in the San Antonio River. Her mother thinks she was murdered and is desperate for answers. But the ME rules accidental drowning. When the police ignore the mother’s plea for an investigation, she turns to Nick Fischer for justice. Nick follows a twisted trail that leads from San Antonio’s upscale neighborhoods to an isolated ranch where unwanted visitors tend to disappear. The dirty cop shadows his every move. He sets up an ambush. When that misses, he goes after Nick’s family and frames him for murder. For the former Marine and new private investigator to take on the privileged elite and find the killer, he must risk it all—his career, his family, and his own life…


Amazon Customer
Gripping Storyline From Start to Finish

Thoroughly enjoyed this story of the cowboy, crime fighter Nick Fischer and the background of Texas history that was seamlessly thread throughout the novel. It was a gripping read from start to finish. Looking forward to reading the rest of the novels in the series!

Great read!

Love the setting in San Antonio! I finished it in two days! It pulls you in.

T. Ross
The suspense in this story makes it so worthwhile to read!

On the day after the 4th of July, a family of tourists from Germany is on the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. The small son is dressed like Davy Crockett. His mother wants to stop for breakfast when the boy spots something large in the water so he goes over to see what it is and finds a dead woman. Two months later. Araceli Luna goes to see PI Nick Fischer about looking into the death of her daughter. As Nick gets closer to the answer, the more someone tries to kill him. This story is full of action, has an underhanded romance, plus a true romance in the end. Highly recommended.

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This book hooked me and I had to find out what was happening. Nick is a PI and I found him to be upstanding, honest, and he had integrity something we do not always get. This is full of action and at times I lost track of some of the characters but that was not a hinderance of the story. It was full of action and the mystery of who killed Marissa. It is also a book of wealth and people that think they were above the law. This is a great book full of intrigue.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Marissa Claus
Secret Investigation twisted with dirty cop and politicians!

Overall, really was engaged with this quick, easy read. The author does a great job with character development and tying in the landmarks around San Antonio. I have been to this city before, and the details really helped with the imagery. I do wonder why Nick did not work with Sosa’s security team in the investigation. There was a lot of build up with this first job assignment, and sometimes the little story lines, even the side track with the murder of Marissa (date with Kelly, drama with Sylvia) I feel took away from the investigation. Nick is a tough guy and should have confronted his girlfriend about her jumpiness with Marcus. There were a few situations that could have been elaborated on, rather than touch and go to help. Some good twists and turns between a dirty cop and politicians. Definitely strong detailed situations that made me feel like I was watching an action movie. I look forward to more reads from this author!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Tony Parsons
PI crime thriller

Javier Sosa (PEMEX state-owned Mexican petroleum co.) is going to attend a fundraising effort for Marcus Antonio Lopez’s (lawyer, Sylvia’s boss) gubernatorial campaign.
Marcus face was plastered on billboards all over town.
Nick Fischer (Fischer Private Investigations & Security, retired USMC, Afghanistan, Iraq vet) was hired to watch over Javier.

San Antonio, TX. Grand Hall convention center. Nick met with Patrick “Big Tex” Allison (Marcus’s biggest client); Patrick Allison (grandfather, wealthy oil tycoon); & Danny Allison (grandson, amateur MMA fighter, Texas Tech grad, boxing club, rugby).
The Citizens for a Clean County environmental group were peacefully protesting outside.
Sylvia Flores (Nick’s GF, lawyer, St. Mary’s Law School; JD) oversaw the guest list.
Nick escorted Javier safely to his room where his regular security team took over, & the mistress awaited.
BANG! Blood splattered all over Nick.
SAPD squad cars surrounded the building.
The SAPD cop ordered Nick to toss his gun et on the ground.
Detective Milo “Tomahawk” Peterson (SAPD Homicide, former SWAT) & Detective Diana Ochoa (30+, SAPD Homicide partner) were interrogating Nick.

Araceli Luna (mother) brought Leticia Luna (youngest daughter) along.
Leticia went out back to play with Sam (chocolate Lab.
Araceli wanted to hire Nick to find her daughter Marissa Luna (cold case, 21, Texas Tech student).
San Antonio, TX. She had disappeared down/on the River Walk while out partying with her friends.
Nick started the Marissa investigation.
Lots of clues were turning up,
Isabella’s Mexican restaurant. Nick Skeeter Davis (son, U of Texas, Washington Redskins) was helping Nick with the Luna case.

Did Danny Allison kill Marissa Luna?

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An awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A very professionally written PI crime thriller book. It was quite easy for me to read/follow from start/finish & never a dull moment. There were no grammar/typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a great set of unique characters & facts to keep track of. This could also make another great PI crime thriller movie, or better yet a mini-TV series. There is no doubt in my mind this is an amazingly easy rating of 5 stars.

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Tony Parsons MSW (Washburn)

It was okay

**Contains some spoilers**
**Received book as ARC for honest opinion**

This was my first mystery book written by a male author. The reason that it received 3 stars from me was because it did not pull. me in until 70% int he book ad then it lost me again. I understand that the characters need "developing spot" but the were always storied that he would rift in and out of and it would confuse me as to what was going on. There were times when things went off topic and completely out of left field. We finally learned the background of the scar very close to the end of the book. Every time Nick would meet someone new there was mention of the scar EVRY SINGLE TIME.The visit at his grandfather's ranch was also confusing because first they were parked and then the next line they were driving southwest. It felt like there was a gap somewhere. Also Nick already knew the story about the history between the two families yet he asks questions like he doesn't know at all. It pulled me in a bit around 70% then it dropped and the ending was not great. I mean what happened to Sylvia? The situation on how Marissa dies didn't dit well with me, there were some missing things in the book.

A Keeper

First time but not the last time! This is a first time author for me and it won't be the last book I read by George Lee Miller. I was offered a chance to review and I am glad I took it! I don't know if I received a shorten version, or if it did not download completely. I felt like I was dropped in a moving story and I missed the beginning. George Lee Miller has the talent to snare me and keep me reading trying to dot all the I's and cross the t's that I missed and enjoy the twists, the turns and the suspense. I have lived in Texas and felt like I was right back there. George Lee Miller made me feel, relate and care to the characters. I chuckled with Skeeter and the manual, I felt the tension and the laughter with Skeeter and trying to hit the target (not a person) towards the end. I like the "old fashion" Nick with relationships and am crossing fingers Kelly, a strong woman, ex marine and office of the law appears in book 2. I do not need any more authors to love, my TBR is big enough, but I will always make room for George Lee Miller. Thank you for the arc! I freely share my thoughts and opinions.