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No Kiss Goodbye
No Kiss Goodbye

No Kiss Goodbye


3.80 (1 ratings)
From the Amazon top #5 bestselling author of Under LyingIs there such a thing as the perfect life?

Laura's life is amazing; so close to perfect it's almost unbelievable - a loving husband and wonderful children. But a car crash changes everything. Suddenly Laura is confined to a wheelchair. Unable to care for her children, her husband's family step in.

What if Laura can't thrust them? What if the people who are supposed to care the most are the people who took everything from her? What if they want her gone?

Kids change everything, they said. They weren't lying.

What people are saying about No Kiss Goodbye:

''Wow! What a roller-coaster of a book. Can't wait for more from this author.'' - Tracy Fenton,

For a debut novel, No Kiss Goodbye is totally spellbinding. It's one that has the reader desperate for answers and leaves you feeling like you've just walked away from some sort of wreck. - By The Letter Book Reviews

''This book has completely blown me away. No Kiss Goodbye is an incredibly well plotted psychological suspense thriller, and you will not know who to trust.'' - Little Miss No Sleep Daydreams Of Books

''Right from the beginning I knew something wasn't quite right. The psychological game-play is very well written.'' - Natalie K. Martin, #1 Bestselling Author