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Broken Wings
Broken Wings

Broken Wings


4.60 (111 ratings)

The one thing Kicks doesn’t need in his life is to fall in love…
The night Kicks woke in the hospital with fresh scars and a missing eye was the night he promised he would never, ever let himself be vulnerable again.  And as the Road Captain of the Broken Chains MC, he managed to keep that vow for five long years.  But the universe has different plans for the biker when his President sends him on a mission to escort the rabbi, Jude Burns, who is now under the protection of their club.  Kicks doesn’t want a babysitting job, but he’s not sure what to think when he’s faced with a mouthy, stubborn man who seems far more sinner than saint.
Kicks has never in his life felt more tempted to break his promises, because with this man, his vulnerability feels like power.Jude Burns’ world is turned upside down when his brother gets involved with a motorcycle club, and by proxy, he finds himself in danger of being killed.  And after being shot at on the road, and just barely escaping a fiery death, Jude isn’t sure where he belongs.  He’d spent his entire adult life dedicated to his service as a rabbi, after all, even when the temptation of life outside called to him louder than ever.
And Jude knows the decision would be easy if it weren’t for Emilio—the dark-eyed Road Captain who makes Jude question every vow he’s ever made.  Jude was pretty sure he wasn’t destined for love the way his brother was, but when Emilio falls to his knees and asks him to stay, he finds it’s almost impossible to tell him no.
Even if it means walking into the line of fire to save a man with ragged, broken wings.
Broken Chains MC is a Motorcycle Club Romance series with dubious morality, mild violence, and happily ever afters.


A Professor and a Rabbi walked into a biker bar...

It's so unusual it almost seems like a joke, but I love the dynamic. Judah and Kicks are so sweet together that I couldn't stop reading. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series.

Kindle Customer

Kicks (Emilio) the Road Captain for the Broken Chains found himself attracted to Jude, a rabbi. Jude found himself needing protection from a crazy man set on hurting anyone important to Broken Chains. Their journey was filled with self awareness and love.

Amra Miokovic

I love these books! These bad ass broken men find perfect partners and their love is epic! A must have and a must read.

Unique MC

I do like reading a series with a story arc. An MC made up of queer, disabled guys, dancers, professors and rabbis is not something you’d read about often. Only thing keeping this from full stars is the author has trouble conveying the passage of time. The narrative seems to indicate around two months going by, then we’re told it’s been almost a year, then it seems to go back to only several months. Throws me out of the book if I can’t follow the timeline.

Love the series!

I love each and every book so far. Can't wait for the next I hope it ends with Rory and Hate. Going to be hard to wait until September for book 4.

It was okay. Info-dumpy, but okay.

I’m amending this review.

The story was not bad. The writing was not bad. If you have KU, I’d read it. I did not, however, buy it after. But I’m picky. The romance felt forced and not natural. And there was a lot of info dump, which is a massive pet peeve.

The characters’ backstories were interesting, I think I would have loved them without the info dump.

Kindle Customer

I have vastly enjoyed this series since the Beginning, this book being no exception. Finding out how Kicks got his injuries was both very sad and enlightening. It explained quite a few things about him. How his relationship developes with Jude is fascinating. I can't wait do see what happens next.

Amanda D.
Felt rushed and lacking

I have to say this was not what I expected a book by this author to be. I found it very confusing and hard to follow. Periods of time would just pass by and events would happen that you’d have no knowledge of. People sustained major injuries in what seems like it would be a pretty critical piece of the story and there was little to no explanation. However I will confess that while I did read book 1 I did not read book 2 so it’s very possible some of my answers would be found there.