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Mystery Follows Her: A cozy mystery multi-author collection
Mystery Follows Her: A cozy mystery multi-author collection

Mystery Follows Her: A cozy mystery multi-author collection

by and

4.40 (91 ratings)
MISCHIEF, MAYHEM, OR MURDER?MYSTERY FOLLOWS HER through dangerous city streets, quaint villages, and locales across the globe. Uncover the clues with feisty female sleuths of various ages in this multi-author cozy mystery collection of short stories.
  • Catch a mugger in THANKSGIVING AND THEFT by Dianne Ascroft
  • Dig up hidden treasure in BURIED BY THE BEACH by Ellen Jacobson
  • Open up a case in CLOSED OUT by Tamara Woods
  • Pray for justice in TREASURES IN HEAVEN by Sarah Biglow
  • Escape the blame in RING GONE ‘ROUND THE ROSES by Aubrey Elle
  • Try on some clues in THE MYSTERY OF THE STOLEN RING by Beate Boeker
  • Search for the suspect in WHEN THE CLOCK CHIMES TWO by Adriana Licio
  • Catch the culprit in HIJINKS IN AJIJIC by Vikki Walton
  • Locate the missing loot in VENDORS AND VILLAINS by Angela K. Ryan
You’ll love this collection of intriguing and light-hearted stories from award-winning and best-selling authors from across the globe. ◆◆◆Scroll up to buy this book and start sleuthing right away!◆◆◆


Clara Winkley
Short Stories

This is an interesting collection of short stories. I think anyone would enjoy the quick read when they are short on time.

Sandy Penny
A Great Little Collection of Cozy Mysteries

I loved that all the heroes were women. The stories were interesting, smart, fun, and unique. I really enjoyed them. I will definitely read more of the authors in this collection. I liked the variety of settings in different parts of the world.

Marge K
Ok stories

Some of these mini mysteries were just great! Others were just “eh”. Two I bypassed without reading, but the ones I read were clean & innoffensive with the exception of 1 “minor” swear word.
Enjoyable for a quick read between longer ones though!

Polly Helms
Feel good collection of stories

Loved all the stories. Each story was unique. Enjoyed reading authors I hadn't read before. It was a quick read.

Kylie Larson
A variety of stories by authors I hadn't read before

This is a series of cozy mystery novellas and short stories by talented but perhaps not as well- known authors. It is a good variety of locations, types of crimes, origin stories and continuing adventures. In other words, a little bit for pretty much everyone. I enjoyed the variety and have started to read some other stories by these authors.

Shirley McAllister
A Cozy Mystery Medley

I enjoyed this book of cozy mysteries. It was a collection by various authors. The book has a little bit of everything. Muggings, Murders, Robbery, Theft, Humor and a lot of happy endings.

I enjoyed getting a taste of writing from so many different authors. It gave me some new favorites. Since there are several different stories you can read them in different settings as you have time.

It was the perfect book following a bit of heavy reading. It really lifts your spirits. I would recommend this book.

Thanks to all the different authors, BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for allowing me to read a copy for an honest review.

Island Girl

I struggled to get through this collection. I found the first story rather depressing so I skipped to the second one. The beginning of that one was so slapstick foolish that I quit reading it as well. I was on vacation and wanted to read something I thoroughly enjoyed vs. trudging through mediocrity. I let my mom borrow it and she said she really liked it. So, decided to give it another try. I forced myself to finish the first two and then made my way through the rest. A few were decent but most were a bit clumsy with stilted dialogue and over simplified plots. I was actually relieved to finish it.

Michelle aka Naila Moon
Anthology-Quick Cozy Mysteries

For the purposes of my review, I only read one of the stories that is in this anthology. That story is "Thanksgiving and Theft." I will, however, read the rest of them at my leisure because frankly, cozy reads are usually fun and easy reads. Each story will take an hour to hour and a half to read.

"Thanksgiving and Theft" takes place...around a quaint neighborhood in Toronto, Canada. The main character, Lois, is transported back into memories and nostalgia when her and a friend are thrust into a mugging in the near-by park.

The two ladies incorporate a third into amateurish sleuthing using visual techniques they have picked up along the way.

It is rather obvious who the culprit is but this reader could not help but wait for the older ladies as they come to conclusions.

It was a fun story, a bit repetitive, but overall just enough of a cozy to not get overwhelmed with the whole anthology. I kept rooting for those gals the whole way. That will teach those rotten muggers to mess with some old ladies!

I recommend this book if you just want a quick read at a time.

4 stars.

Disclosure: I purchased a Kindle copy of this book for my own collections. The views here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Michelle