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Murder at Archly Manor
Murder at Archly Manor

Murder at Archly Manor


4.40 (564 ratings)
A high society murder. A spirited lady detective. Can she out-class the killer before an innocent person takes the fall?  London, 1923. Olive Belgrave needs a job. Despite her aristocratic upbringing, she’s penniless. Determined to support herself, she jumps at an unconventional job—looking into the background of her cousin’s fiancé, Alfred. Alfred burst into the upper crust world of London’s high society, but his answers to questions about his past are decidedly vague. Before Olive can gather more than the basics, a murder occurs at a posh party. Suddenly, every Bright Young Person in attendance is a suspect, and Olive must race to find the culprit because a sly murderer is determined to make sure Olive’s first case is her last. Murder at Archly Manor is the first in the High Society Lady Detective series of charming historical cozy mysteries. If you like witty banter, glamorous settings, and delightful plot twists, you’ll love USA Today bestselling author Sara Rosett’s series for Anglophiles and mystery lovers alike.Travel back to the Golden Age of detective fiction with Murder at Archly Manor. 


Alison S. Coad
Entertaining Cozy Series

Olive Belgrave is in search of a job in London in 1923, but she is having little luck: she is both too well-educated and too unskilled for any employer looking to hire a young single woman. Although her family is modest, she has been friends with her titled relatives since childhood, and they offer her an entrance into high society. As it happens, the younger daughter in that family, Violet, has contracted an engagement with a highly suspicious (because unknown) man, Alfred Eton, and Violet’s mother engages Olive to learn what she can about Alfred with a view to preventing the marriage. When Alfred is killed in the middle of a high society party and Violet is naturally suspected of the murder, it is up to Olive to uncover the truth about Alfred - if the real murderer doesn’t do her in first…. This is the first in the “High Society Lady Detective” series by Sara Rosett, and it’s quite a fun cozy. Olive is an engaging amateur detective, with plenty of energy and courage, although not always the most level-headed of creatures, and her friends and companions are also entertaining to know. I bought the e-book on a whim, because I craved a cozy set in 1920s Britain, and this does the trick admirably. I’ll definitely be reading more, and not just because I impulsively bought all six (so far) at once! Recommended.

Shirley Schwartz
A fun Golden Age detective story

I was looking for something to listen to after I had finished The Four Winds, and I wanted something light, so I looked in Hoopla to see what I could find. I found this little gem. I really enjoyed the book, and liked Olive who is the main character. Olive is a young woman who has been forced out of her home by a stepmother (I know that sounds cliche), but she's trying to make her way in London. She needs a job and is not having much luck in her search for a reporter job. And then her friend asks her to check into the background of her younger sister's new fiancé. When Gwen offers to pay Olive for searching, she eagerly agrees. As she investigates she can find nothing out about Alfred. Olive realizes that Alfred is not all he seems, and is most likely dishonest, When Alfred dies suddenly, Olive is asked by her friend Gwen to try to figure out who killed him.. After much digging Olive finds out lots about Alfred, and does eventually figure out who the killer was. The book is light and funny, and Ms. Rosett has done her research for the era that she had chosen (1923). It was fun listening to the book in the audio format and Elizabeth Klett does a great job of reading it. This is the first in a series, so I definitely will be listening to others.

Richard L. Quillin
Great Story

Great Story!!!

Ginny Southgate
Solid homage to the golden age of mystery

There’s nothing quite like a cozy with a smart, independent woman detective. Sara Rosett is a brilliant researcher and it shows. 1920s period details and vivid descriptions of chic English locales provide the backdrop for an engaging mystery involving well crafted, likable characters. I breezed through all six and am looking forward to the next one.

C. Perkins
Loved this book!!

My husband bought me this book for Christmas and I loved it!! It was such a fun read! Has a great pace to it and kept my interest throughout. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and look forward to continuing with the second book...which I immediately bought when I finished this one tonight! I was so excited to see that Sara Rosett has several other series and I can't wait to check them out.

Kindle Customer
Cad and Blackmailer Murdered

Jobs were few and difficult to find for an attractive and smart young lady. Finding out about a man hoping to become a member of the family shouldn't be all that difficult.

Linda Mclaughlin
Enjoyable, light-hearted mystery with the flavor of the 1920's.

Set in 1923, our lady sleuth is Olive Belgrave, a vicar’s daughter, fallen on hard times and struggling to find work in London. Her cousin Violet is engaged to a young man named Alfred Eaton who doesn’t meet the standards of her aunt, who considers hiring a private investigator to look into his history. Olive offers to do the job and is hired. But at the silver and gold ball given by Alfred’s godfather Sebastian, someone shoves Alfred off a balcony. Violet comes under suspicion, and Olive sets out to prove her innocence.

Very enjoyable historical mystery, light-hearted and with the flavor of the 1920’s. I always enjoy audiobooks where the characters have English accents.

Becky Laswell
First in an enjoyable series

Enjoyable first entry into a series that gets better book by book. I don't read this genre for precise history or complex murder schemes, but for interesting settings and fantastic characters that don't feel like my normal life. Rosset's series works great for that. Archly Manner is an enjoyable quick read that brought me in to the rest of the series, which thus far have all been captivating and fun. The heroine is relatable but unique. The plots are entwined with 1920s settings but, unlike several other series set around London after the great war, the High Society series is more relatable and less far-fetched. Definitely worth trying if you like the genre.

I think it would be best to read the series in order but it's certainly not required to understand the plot.