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Millennial Struggle
Millennial Struggle

Millennial Struggle


3.60 (8 ratings)
Kiara Patel is a woman of color awaiting to find love.
She is emotional, sensitive and family-oriented.
Wherever she goes, she manages to bring chaos, mishaps, or disasters.
She can lie to keep those she love happy.

Jason is the most desirable White man but a loner at heart.
He is rational, realistic and down-to-earth.
Even with no shiny objects, he can still manage to woo women.

Her cultural expectations and his desperation to fulfill the American Dream.

Finding love is hard. Making a commitment is even harder. Will these two Millennials come together despite their struggles.

Millennial Struggle is a relatable laugh-out-loud interracial romantic comedy! Taking multicultural romance to the next level of entertainment full of fun, adventures, humor and love that truly melts your heart.