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Master of My Dreams
Master of My Dreams

Master of My Dreams


4.50 (423 ratings)
Sweeping from the shores of England to Boston on the eve of the American Revolution, this is the emotional and unforgettable story of a tough Royal Navy captain and the beautiful Irish stowaway who teaches him how to love again.
England, 1775: When nobly-born Captain Christian Lord is given command of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Bold Marauder, the disciplined and highly-esteemed English officer never dreams that a crew on the brink of mutiny will be the least of his troubles as he heads to Boston to subdue pirates and rebels. Haunted by nightmares and a tragic past, Christian is loyal to King and Country . . . never imagining that his gravest danger could come in the form of a beautiful stowaway who secretly plots his destruction. For also onboard is sensuous Irishwoman Deirdre O’ Devir . . . determined to avenge her brother’s forced enlistment into the Royal Navy, and now, as near as a whisper to the blackguard responsible. But the best laid plans go awry, and when Deirdre realizes that behind Christian’s haughty, aloof façade beats a tender heart, she finds herself falling in love with her handsome enemy in this tender, emotional, and unforgettable tale of love and passion by the bestselling author of the critically acclaimed de Montforte Brothers series.Read The Noble Lords in Order:
  1. Book 1: Master of My Dreams
  2. Book 2: Taken by Storm
  3. Book 3: My Saving Grace
  4. Book 4: Scandal at Christmas