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Loving Deep: The Steeles 3
Loving Deep: The Steeles 3

Loving Deep: The Steeles 3

by and

4.70 (117 ratings)
Friction turns to sizzle when a rugged, small town hero goes from enemies to lovers with a bar owner who resents becoming a woman in peril. At least until she's targeted by a trophy hunter willing to commit murder to get what he wants.

Britt Steele is fiercely protective of what he loves. Even if it means putting his own ambitions aside. He's worked too hard keeping a red wolf pack from extinction to let some city girl auction off their sanctuary. But Randi is no pushover. He's watched--and wanted--her from behind a whiskey glass for months. She's determined, much too tempting, and quickly turning Britt's attempts at persuasion into seduction. And he'll need every weapon in the Steele arsenal to change her mind.

Miranda Shepherd's bar is her passion, but money's flowing out faster than she can pour a drink. To save her business, Randi must sell her family's land to the highest bidder. One man stands in her way: ruggedly sexy Britt Steele. The definition of strong and silent, Britt's gruff exterior hides a raw vulnerability she's aching to explore. Yet Randi knows all about sacrificing for your dreams--and isn't willing to give up on hers so easily. Still, Britt's heated caresses are all too convincing.

Some offers are too good to be true. When the buyer's real motive surfaces, Randi and Britt join forces against a ruthless hunter. But protecting the wolves leaves them fighting for their own lives...and their new love.

Although all books are stand alones, if you would like to read the entire Steele Ridge series chronologically, the following is the correct order:
  • The Beginning - The Steeles
  • Going Hard - The Steeles
  • Living Fast - The Steeles
  • Loving Deep - The Steeles
  • Breaking Free - The Steeles
  • Roaming Wild - The Steeles
  • Stripping Bare - The Steeles
  • Enduring Love - The Steeles
  • Craving Heat - The Kingstons
  • Tasting Fire - The Kingstons
  • Searing Need - The Kingstons
  • Vowing Love - The Steeles
  • Striking Edge - The Kingstons
  • Burning Ache - The Kingstons



I just love this series! It just keeps getting better and better! I don’t want it to end and I know that the next one will be just as good as this one!

2 1/2 -3. Starts out great.

The previous novella & 2 books in the series were very good. While this 3rd book was, in some aspects equally good (specifically some really great scenes between the H/h in the first 2/3 of the book) , I'm afraid it went off the rails near the end. This will be considered a *spoiler* for the next part. ..... The h of this book, Randi & the females from the other books join together for a major TSTL event in the final pages of the book. The two previous h's had their heads on right in their own books but here, sorry. Their iffy plan, with none of them having any weapons or skills or even all the knowledge they needed to make their plan work...along with a back up plan of "playing dumb" if caught, really took all the fun from the story. It was even mentioned that their instincts were warning them...but they did it anyway. Then, of course, because we need a happy ending, it's treated as just fine that they pulled this stupid stunt. .... I was really disappointed. I also saw the brothers who had evolved in their own books shown as regressed to what they were seen as before. I am still interested in what happens to the Steele family. I will likely read others in the series but maybe not the ones by this author. I don't really care for collaborations for just this reason.

KA Wright
Loving Deep - Review

This is the 4th book in the Steele Ridge series, or the 3rd full length novel.

Britt returns home from a conference to find his mentor is dead and the land she vowed to will to him was not finalized.
Randi never had a good relationship with her mother. Now she finds out that she was going to give someone else her heritage?

While I thought the story was a bit slow in unfolding, it sure packs a punch at the end. Ms. Devlyn writes a very intriguing tale of the plight of the newly discovered Red Wolves. Aside from the few times I wanted to yell at Britt because he was acting too much like is Tarzan nickname, I liked seeing how he worked himself around to ask for his brothers help. I felt a lot of empathy for Randi and her plight with the decisions she had to make and having only partial information.

Once things got rolling, I had a hard time putting the book down.

Great book!

Can read as a series or along. You fall In
Love love with the whole family
I would recommend this book to friends

Emily Dickson
Loving these books!

Randi and Britt were fantastic characters as they dealt with protecting endangered red wolves. Lots of action and great chemistry and steam. Add in his family and add some humor and a lot of love. Loved it!

Kim Otis

This book was amazing and filled with action! I loved hearing about the endangered species, it made me want to do some research. I can't wait for the next book in the series!

The struggle to save the red wolves

This is the first book I've read from either of these authors. It was a wonderful collaboration, and I look forward to reading more by them.

Between My Bookendz
What a Story!!!

Britt Steele desperately wants to save the small population of Carolina red wolves living near his family’s conservation land from human intrusion. Miranda Shepherd desperately needs to save her bar/coffeehouse in the town of Steele Ridge from financial ruin. These two seemingly very opposite positions are very much linked in this nail-biting romantic suspense read in the Steele Ridge series. For in the beauty of the Western Carolina mountains, the hopeful sign that the native red wolf population may be growing is contrasted with the twisted view of “sport” that is chilling….

This book was quite a ride! Fairly early in the book you get an idea of who the bad guys are and what is going on. However, that does not take away from the suspense that continues to build; you may know the perpetrators, but you do not know what will happen next! There are a lot of contrasts in this book – the close Steele family and Miranda’s long estrangement from her mom Barbara; the rough-hewn and plain-speaking Britt and the more refined Miranda; even the Steele brothers themselves have contrasting personalities and backgrounds. But these contrasts come together in a story about the best and worst of human nature.

I found the story well-written the characters well-drawn, and the villains sadly too realistic. I really liked Britt and Miranda; if I have any “con” in this book, I did think Britt’s interaction at times with Miranda was a bit chauvinistic and dated. I chalked it up to the author’s decision to make Britt a “plain ol’ country boy,” but I think that stereotype did a great disservice to the character. But I loved Britt’s big heart and strong drive enough to forgive that cliché. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the book and the visit to Steele Ridge!