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Lovely Pink
Lovely Pink

Lovely Pink


4.70 (7 ratings)

The politics of love are brutal.

Yes. They. Are.

But it doesn't really matter either way because this plan was set in stone a long time ago by the ones who hold all the power.

Reese Pinkarver and Grayson T. Lash III will marry and merge the political dynasties of the honorable presidential legacies they were born into. A destiny so much bigger than the both of us. With all the rewards that come with it…to the tune of a billion-dollar trust fund.

And I am here for all of it. All in. I know who I want to spend my life with. Who I want to have babies with. Who I want beside me as I make my way carrying on the legacy of our names.

My Lovely Pink.

All I have to do is convince her it's what she wants too.

*Lovely Pink is a STANDALONE novella.

*A version of this story was originally published as CAPITOL SOUTH in the limited release anthology collection, Love In Transit.


Wendy LeGrand
Lovely Pink is a sweet little taste of Reese and Gray's story. Now I need more!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novella when it was included as part of the Love, In Transit Anthology. Previously titled Capitol South, this is the story of Reese Pinkarver and Grayson Lash III, two direct descendants of American Presidents, who were "arranged" by their families fifteen years ago to one day get married. Time is now running out, as Reese finds out she's set to inherit the whole Pinkarver estate as long as she marries before she turns 25, which is only two months away.

Raine's characters are always such a delight to read about. I love the way she brings the readers inside the minds of these two people and we get to hear their inner thoughts while the story is progressing on the pages.

Grayson Lash III is all kinds of yummy and Reese sounds like someone I would love to be BFF's with. Even though this is a novella, Raine does an amazing job of giving us wholly interesting characters who I am dying to learn more about. It was obvious while reading that these two have incredible chemistry together, and as always, Raine gives us some hot and steamy sexy times which was oh so satisfying!

I absolutely love how Raine intersperses little Easter Eggs throughout her stories, and I counted multiple instances of this while reading. I especially loved how she even managed to sneak in a well known name from her historical romances, and after seeing all those tidbits, I am hoping with fingers crossed that she plans to expand upon Gray and Reese's story, as it is nowhere near finished in my mind! I need more!

Utterly delightful novella that has left me wanting MORE!

Lovely Pink is a retitled novella that Raine Miller had written for the Love, In Transit anthology in 2017. And it's just as charming as I remember. With Reese and Gray, we have two well-connected and known descendants of two U.S. Presidents. Gray's Pink (his adorable nickname for Reese), however, is the illegitimate heir to a deceased father's fortune and it's quite literally a race against time for her to claim an enormous amount of money before her 25th birthday. A fact she was not privy too I might add.

Then what starts as Gray's persistence after a debacle with a wedding dress at a Halloween party for Pink to marry him, becomes a bit more genuine as real feelings come to the surface just as the last words are read.

I definitely want more from these two well-written and impetuous characters. They are clearly meant to be and with a few surprises that take both off guard right as this novella ended, I'm sure there is more adventure and scandal to be had before they can walk off into the sunset.

4 delightful stars!

fiona fog
Surprise Pregnancy

A perfect read to finish my weekend, discovering this gem from Raine Miller really hit all the spots.

A surprise pregnancy, a declaration of love and a yes to the marriage proposal.

It’s a yes from me.