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Lethal Edge
Lethal Edge

Lethal Edge


4.50 (524 ratings)

A diehard romantic looking to start over in a small town.

Dr. Nina Benitez might be an astrophysicist and a scientist down to her bones, but she also believes in true love and happily ever after—and won’t settle for anything less. After a rocky end to her first semester teaching at the University of Montana, she’s looking forward to a new school year and a fresh start in the small town of Rifle Creek. When she meets her roommate’s work partner, a sexy, hard-edged detective, Nina is immediately intrigued. However, it’s soon clear they’re like oil and water. But when she’s confronted by the painful past event she wanted to forget, she faces an even greater danger. A predator is bent on silencing her forever, and Nina’s only hope of survival is the unattainable man who’s captured her heart.

A cynical cop determined to guard his heart.

Tate Baldwin has dedicated his life to serving and protecting, first in the military, and now as a detective in Rifle Creek. Badly burned by his last relationship, he isn’t looking to get involved with anyone, especially a brilliant college professor who seems to have her head in the clouds. Yet even Tate can’t deny the attraction between them that soon grows into something more. And when a secret from her past triggers a lethal threat, Tate will risk everything to stand between her and the monster who wants her dead.


Small town romance

Lethal Edge by Kaylea Cross is the first book in her Rifle Creek series.

I love how Kaylea Cross write and this new series should be just as good. I could almost imagine Pat and Bev and their baking challenge plus neighbors with fainting goats. Once we have a few more books read we'll be able to see more of the people who call Rifle Creek home. The romance is a slow burn but that's really okay in this story.

Tate Baldwin served in the military, as a policeman and now a detective in Rifle Creek. His partner Avery has a new renter that she'd love to play cupid with. But Dr. Nina Gomez has just returned to school after a semester off plus she has Tate's niece in one of her classes. But there's a stalker who's anxious to find his next woman and he won't stop until he finds the one that got away. Will Tate be able to protect Nina when pieces to the puzzle start to become clearer and threat to her becomes more real? Can he protect his heart when Nina becomes more than someone he needs to protect for his job?

S. Lewis
Very entertaining!

This book has it all: mystery, excitement, suspense, and romance. This is Tate and Nina's story. I love the characters and the setting. The only thing I didn't like is the graphic sex. Not my cup o' tea. Still a very entertaining book!!

Kindle Customer
I'm hooked

Just purchased.

Great read prepare to read this book in one sitting

Great story line. Well developed characters and plot


Flowed good, all the characters were like able. Even though I gave 4 star. There were few things I found unnerving & unbelievable. For instant I found it hard to believe no one would of noticed the assailants with a scratched up face. Also I found it hard to believe that Local PD would let to Detectives from a smaller community enter a crime scene. Other then that I enjoyed the book & look forward to next 2 in this series.

Rose D. B.
4 1/2*

Excellent start to the series! Story stayed interesting from start to finish. Nina and Tate were so good together. Nina was smart, tough and funny. She was the perfect match for Tate’s serious, mistrusting personality. The attraction felt real and developed beautifully. The villain was so hatable and his plan very clever and suspenseful. Great HEA!


This was first book I have read by this author and will definitely be reading more. Right amount of romance and suspense.

Kindle Customer
Romance and suspense....

This story had suspense and steamy romance. Tate is a cop and Nina is a college professor who teaches astrophysics. They meet because Nina’s friend is also a cop and Tate’s partner. There is a serial rapist in the area. He has his eye on Nina.

Rose Ann
I couldn't get into it.

I have read most everything Ms. Cross writes but this book had me skipping parts and I finally went to the last 2 chapters to get to the end of the book. I didn't like the characters at all the story didn't hold my interest at all.