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Lark Underground: A Freddie Lark Mystery #1
Lark Underground: A Freddie Lark Mystery #1

Lark Underground: A Freddie Lark Mystery #1


4.30 (74 ratings)
When a woman is hiding from a predator, who can she turn to for help?

Without planning to, artist turned private investigator Freddie Lark has developed a reputation for helping underdogs. When her neighbour Ellie comes to her with the story of a friend whose child is missing, Freddie is moved. When she discovers that the child's mother is part of the underground network that helps women and children escape abusive family members, Freddie is determined to help.

From award-winning, Amazon bestselling author Alexandra Amor comes a new contemporary mystery series featuring a sleuth who makes up for her lack of experience (not to mention credentials) with grit, an obsessive need to know the answers, and a sassy mouth.

Fans of Stephanie Plum and Robert B. Parker's Spenser mysteries will love Freddie Lark, a tenacious, independent sleuth who is a heroine set firmly in the 21st century. This series is perfect for readers who like their mysteries with well-drawn characters and a lot of heart.

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What Amazon reviewers are saying about Lark Underground:

★★★★★ "An enthusiastic two thumbs up to the first of this series. I look forward to the next Freddie Lark mystery!!"

★★★★★ "Such a good mystery. This story is an emotional heart-engaging roller-coaster. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I can hardly wait for the next one."

★★★★★ "Great story and characters!"