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Lady Olivia's Butterfly: A Regency Mystery
Lady Olivia's Butterfly: A Regency Mystery

Lady Olivia's Butterfly: A Regency Mystery


3.80 (27 ratings)
As the most dazzling debutante of 1811, beautiful and reckless Olivia scandalised society when she eloped with notorious rake, Lucien, Lord Farquhar.

Five years later, she's paid the highest price for her impetuosity. Lucien is dead, branding his wife a whore and unfit mother, and willing the care of their child to a relative.

Now Olivia is about to orchestrate a grand charade to reclaim everything she has lost.

After years abroad, fighting for king and country, Max Atherton has returned to the estate he's inherited and to take responsibility for his cousin's child.

When he discovers a young woman, unconscious, on his land, he's fired up with new purpose as love blossoms when he nurses her back to health.

But Olivia possesses a secret far darker than simply her identity.

A secret that threatens the future of the honourable man who has fulfilled her heart's desire.

As Olivia struggles to choose between Max's future, and safeguarding her son's, Max must discover the key to the puzzle that will free them all – before it's too late!

A passionate love story with an intriguing mystery at its core. Get your copy now!


Karen Talley

Dreary, long drawn out story with a really dumb ending. Olivia has had her son removed from her custody because her husband, in his will, said that she was unfit. According to the will, she must marry someone who is able to lift her from the sins she has committed while married. *Hmm* She really is a bit dim trusting the "saintly" Reverend who was her husband's confessor. The story moved slowly as she was accused time and time again of things beyond her control. The man who claims that he loves her is one of the dumbest so-called "heroes" that I have ever read. He actually returns her to the villain of the piece and does not even listen to her explanations. Then, when he knows that she is missing and in peril, he stops at an inn and questions people about what happened in the past. This has to be one of the most annoying men in literary fiction. I will not be reading any more of the series.


Loved reading this book. Great from start to end. Olivia has gone through alot of pain and ridicule. Her late husband was an evil man and Reverend Kirkman thought to be her friend turns out to be the opposite. Max comes into the picture and he falls for Olivia but a few obstacles come along the way.
A must read and a page turner. If you love romance, this is a great book to read.

Decent book

The story was good and I did enjoy the main characters even though there were some stereotypes. The book did need better editing and it was difficult to read with the dialogue set off worth single quotes and not double making it merge into the rest of the paragraph.

Avid Reader
Good story,

But, I felt the writer drug out all the angst just a little too long to rate it higher. Got bored with all the lack of clarity in bringing the villain to the forefront then closed too quickly to have him get his just reward.

Lourena Phillips
Risqué, intense, and frustrating

I had a hard time reading this because it was heartbreakingly with a disgusting bad guy. Hard to read because the heroine could never catch a break.

Kindle Customer
Of you like historical ro once you will enjoy..

It is sad what the heroine set through before she was vindicated.

Alisha Matthew
Lady Olivia's butterfly

So far I read the first of the 3 books. Was a bit disappointed with the ending but ok read.

Low 3

My biggest problem is that it feels like she trusts too easily considering the degree of abuse she'd been through. Had that process been more credible, the entire story would follow better.


It was difficult to finish this story. There were waaay too many discussions with one’s self that went back and forth in deciding whether to do this or that. It was frustrating and redundant. If half that were to be taken out to where the characters didn’t sound like Imbeciles.... it would have made a huge difference.

Kindle Customer Janie

Full suspense and and unexpected plot twists. So many secrets and murders. I felt like I knew the characters and I wanted to strangle someone. Page after page of great reading.

Nancy Gingrich
There is nothing to recommend reading this.

Really awful story. I skimmed through to the ending out of curiosity and was not rewarded. The ardor of her would be rescuer is supposed to somehow sustain the reader through chapter after chapter of melodramatic, self imposed, bodice-clutching suffering. Do not waste your time.