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Kissing Beau
Kissing Beau

Kissing Beau


4.70 (332 ratings)

Exes and weddings don't mix.
Beau Briggs

I'd never been a big fan of weddings. So when my first love, who I hadn't seen in ten years since she cheated on me with and married my best friend, slid into the seat beside me and announced that she was getting a divorce just before the bride walked down the aisle, I took it as a bad omen and almost got up and left. I should have.

I spent the entire wedding fielding questions about my ex being there and how I felt about it. I was going to leave before the first dance but then I saw a woman that made me forget everything, including where I I stuck around.

Sasha Nelson

Heartbreak and alcohol don't mix.
I've always loved weddings. So when I showed up unannounced at my grandma's house after finding out my live-in boyfriend, who was also my on-screen husband in the soap opera we both starred in, was a cheating pig and she asked me to be her plus one, I figured it might cheer me up to see true love. I was wrong.

I spent the entire wedding fielding questions about the show and my soon-to-be ex, which is why I may have had one too many cocktails before the first dance. I was about to tell my grandma that I wasn't feeling well and needed to go when I saw a man that made me forget any other men on the planet even existed...I figured one more drink couldn't hurt.

Stand-alone Wishing Well, Texas romance, complete with HEA--and plenty of heat and heart along the way!