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Finding Shelter in her Arms: A Historical Western Romance Book
Finding Shelter in her Arms: A Historical Western Romance Book

Finding Shelter in her Arms: A Historical Western Romance Book


4.60 (115 ratings)

When Kate Swinson's brother is killed in a factory accident, her dreams of moving west, starting up a ranch and a new life die with him. Alone and destitute, Kate fears for the future until she is convinced to head west on her own as a mail-order bride. However, nothing is as it seems and she soon realizes that her life has taken the wrong turn. Her husband makes her feel like something is seriously wrong. What are the challenges lying deep down that she will have to deal with? Coming face to face with a terrifying, well-hidden truth out of nowhere, will affect her life and marriage forever...

Troy Kelley has been trying to cope with his father's sudden loss and his false accusations that linger in town. He has been struggling with isolation and loneliness that keeps haunting him since a treacherous woman broke his heart. When he realizes that he has to open his heart to Kate or else he'll end up in a loveless life, will it be too late? Is he actually ready to share his journey and his secrets or has revenge completely absorbed him?

Moving to the Wyoming Territory was supposed to be the beginning of a new and happy chapter, but to Kate, everything seems to be falling apart. At the same time, succumbing to love had never been part of Troy's plan, as there are too many loose ends to tie up. Will this marriage of seeming convenience evolve into real love? Will Troy be able to protect Kate from his dangerous past? When her life gets in danger will he manage to intervene in time or will it be too late?

"Finding Shelter in her Arms" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


Joann ME

A story filled with so much suspense, heartache, and just plain torture. I loved every minute of it, these two had to learn to lean on each other and they were virtually strangers. Small towns always get to me cause you never know how they will react.

Another successful love adventure!

Aurora Hansen is one of my favorite western romance authors and she absolutely told another adventurous tale. I will definitely be reading more!

Happy ever after

This was a very nice story about finding your soulmate! And how one mans greed caused grief for everyone he touched your use of your characters was very enjoyable,thank you for letting us into your mind

Hard to put dowm

Once I started this story the book was hard to put down. I like when a plot has unexpected twist and turns, and doesn't unfolded the why I expected.

She Found Shelter

Their parents had died but she & her brother were living and planning to move out west - but then he died and she was left all alone. Soon after she chose to become a Mail Order Bride and agreed to be partners with him.
He was badly scarred in a fire 2 yrs before & thought she would run from him when she saw him. But he also did not tell her about a broken engagement.
Those were simply emotional heart things. The worse is the killings, cattle rustlings, and the horrible man who installed himself as the town's mayor & wanting all he wanted and after giving loans & other means - he held many of the town's citizens as 'hostage' to whatever he wanted them to do.
Keeps you reading.

Kindle Customer
Great historical story

This is a wonderful historical mail order bride romance story. It's very well written with details about the events going on and the characters.

Kindle Customer
Kate and Troy

Kate and her best friend Angela are in Boston and Kate is still trying to figure out what to do since her brother Tommy's death. Angela has a solution IF Kate will hear her out - The Matrimonial Times. Angela explains it's one way for Kate to fulfill her and her brothers dreams of going out West. Kate scoffs at first, but, her friend does have good ideas and the best of intentions for Kate so she at least agrees to look. Kate is on the train to Ashridge, WY on the last bit before she has to catch the stage for the final leg of her journey to meet Troy Kelley, the gentleman she has been corresponding with. Two more stops and she will board the coach. A lovely lady gets on the train and sits across the aisle from Kate and they strike up a conversation. Come to find out Claudia Foster is going home to Ashridge. What will Kate find when she gets there? Will Troy even like her? Will she like him? What will she do when she finally sees Troy and sees he hasn't been completely truthful about his appearance? Who is Preston Hoyle and why does she take an instant dislike to him? Lola and her son Boyd become instant friends! Oh my, this story is so wonderful! Aurora Hanson has outdone herself! You wont want to put this story down until the very last page. So much action and intrigue!

Wonderful books

I really enjoyed the up and down situation that occurred before the soulmates were able to unite in Holy Matrimony