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Killer Love
Killer Love

Killer Love

by and

4.60 (161 ratings)
"A sinful slow burn that kept my heart racing!" -Goodreads

I took something that didn't belong to me... and doomed us all to war.
Sofia. The bride of my enemy.
The mother of my secret child...

A devious mobster claims his bride in this thrilling modern myth inspired by Paris and Helen of Troy.

We don't belong together.

I'm betrothed. Promised to his enemy.

But Luka Lutrova doesn't look at me like I'm someone else's bride.

He looks at me like I'm his.

That's how I knew he would help me escape from the mafia family who claimed me: the evil and notorious Zappia cult.

What I didn't know was what he would expect of me in return.

From one prison to another. I would never not be a killer's bride, but Luka's touch is hard to resist.

He's firm and possessive, but safe. Our son and I would have a home with the Lutrovas. A better life.

But the Zappias will never let us go. Not without war and bloodshed.

Luka will do anything to make me his bride.

And I will do anything to be his.

KILLER LOVE is a full-length novel about true love, revenge, and everything in-between. It's the first book in the KILLER LOVE saga by Tabatha Drake. Seven books. Five couples. One dark and dangerous adventure.

Author’s Note: This book was previously published as Bloodlines. It has been revised for new readers, including extended and deleted scenes for old readers to enjoy.