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Juvenile X: A Supernatural Serial Killer Crime Series (Book I - Rise of the Serial Savior)
Juvenile X: A Supernatural Serial Killer Crime Series (Book I - Rise of the Serial Savior)

Juvenile X: A Supernatural Serial Killer Crime Series (Book I - Rise of the Serial Savior)


5.00 (3 ratings)

Under a sky gone black as sackcloth, poets wailed soliloquies while the Emerald City burned…

In post-grunge era Seattle, the rain-swept streets once walked by Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix ran red with the blood of the innocent. Monsters preyed upon children, and vigilante justice was served by a troubled comic book artist turned self-proclaimed superhero.

Crazy is a funny word. It explains so much so easily…

Institutionalized for most of his young life due to severe behavioral disorders, David was released into a mysterious world. City folk were a curious breed, but to make matters worse, Seattle's man-made urban mountains teamed with the supernatural beasts he'd drawn as a child prodigy.

Monsters are everywhere…

Hiding in plain sight, his monsters looked like ordinary people to everyone except him. David's blessing or curse was that he was the only one who could see beyond their human masks and reveal the hideous beasts lurking within. Fearing being locked away like Charles Manson if he came forward with his truth, the suspected serial killer would find himself pitted against two unscrupulous detectives with hidden agendas who'd stoop to disturbing depths to ensure his capture.

Manufacturing evidence is just good police work…

Determined to take vengeance and exterminate the beasts of his own creation, the misunderstood artist joins forces with a psychotic femme fatale from his troubled past. Together, the star-crossed lovers must evade a police task force and complete their murderous mission while coming of age in a rapidly-changing world.

Fairy tales are real. Everything else is a lie…

Juvenile X spins a supernatural murder mystery that takes the reader on a journey to a dystopian realm where monsters are real.

Or not…

Is the world David sees reality, or is it just a dark fantasy born from a demented mind? Can two young psychopaths survive supernatural beasts, dirty cops, and their own certifiable insanity to find romance amid the madness? And finally, the one question that only the serial killer himself can answer…

Is David actually on a mission to destroy monsters, or is he just plain crazy?

Genre-bending, in the vein of Dean Koontz, Joe Hill, and Neil Gaiman, Juvenile X - Rise of the Serial Savior, is the first installment of a supernatural serial killer crime series for pulp noir fans of all ages, from bestselling authors – The Brothers Rodemeyer.

The reviews keep pouring in!

5 Stars - "Entering the world of Juvenile X will help you detach from the problems of today. I couldn't put it down!" (Verified Review)
5 Stars - "The authors build a meticulous world with fascinating characters we've not seen before - highly recommend! "(Verified Review)
5 Stars - "Loved it, I'm a fan of YA Fantasy, and this psychological thriller was right up my alley!" (Verified Review)
5 Stars - "If there's one book I could recommend, it's Juvenile X! A real page-turner that left me wanting more!" (Verified Review)
5 Stars - "Buy this book before someone makes it into a movie! Yup, it's that good!" (Verified Review)

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