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Blind Date with my Billionaire Boss
Blind Date with my Billionaire Boss

Blind Date with my Billionaire Boss


4.60 (381 ratings)
Not only is he her boss, he’s her enemy.
Coldhearted Easton Radcliffe has one goal: run in the Warrior Obstacle Challenge in honor of his father who passed away a year ago. He carries around guilt because he wasn’t there when his father needed him most, and now he has to cope with the kind of man he’s become.
Maya Anderson has underlying medical issues that make it necessary to obtain a job with better health benefits. When Easton offers her a job, she’s shocked to say the least, but she accepts out of necessity.
Maya knows Easton hates her, and she can’t stand him as well. But when they come in contact with each other on a daily basis, sparks fly and Maya forms a new opinion of her boss. Little does she know, he’s the one man who will go to bat for her when it really counts.
*This is a contemporary Christian story with strong Biblical themes and Bible references.


Great,great story!

Easton thought at one time he had everything but upon seeing Maya again he knew at last he needed love and to think of himself in a different way.

Clean and really Christian story

I loved the relationship between the H/h. They had real life struggles and honest relationships with God. I loved the strength Ms Kelly gave the characters while showing their dependence on God, even before the H, Easton, realized his initial acceptance of Christ as a teen had been to not be left out, not because of a real commitment. I liked how she wrote about his thought processes. I also liked how his real commitment to Christ changed his life.

Good Christian read

Bible quotes were well used to bring point of how we need to let God direct our paths. Good Christian based love story.

read read read!

I would recommend this book. Evangeline is my new favorite author. I love the depth of character she gets into her books. And how real they are with such real struggles. My brother-in-law felt with kidney failure and his wife to be gave him her kidney in a beautiful true life romance. So some of what is here is very relatable in my life. Thank you for a lovely book! On to my next!

Cute and clean

Another great addition to the series! I like that each story brings up different issues and how the couple handles them. I liked Maya and enjoyed her reaction to the blind date. Easton was wonderful as well. I enjoyed seeing his transformation throughout the story. The Bible references are a little confusing due to the translation the author chose to use, but that is minor. This book, like all in this series, are clean and sweet romances. It has been refreshing to read without seeing characters take God's name in vain!! I have recommended these books to my daughters. Off to start the next book!

Sherron Goddard
Must read!!!

Great story, didn’t want to put it down. God is in control if we will just listen to him. Thanks for sharing!

Kindle Customer
Very good

I enjoyed seeing the changes in Easton, especially, but even Maya had things she needed to work through and it was done so well in the story.


I absolutely loved it. I loved how the 2 main characters relationship was very rocky at first. How they couldn't stand each other or so it seemed. It would keep me wanting to read more. Definitely recommend it.