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Just a Neighborly Lawn War
Just a Neighborly Lawn War

Just a Neighborly Lawn War


Edmund loves his life. No fuss, no drama, and no chatty neighbors. Until Jimmy shows up.

When Edmund meets his new neighbor, his life takes a comical turn as Jimmy decides to enter the annual lawn competition. Is the new competitor a threat to his tenth consecutive win? And his peaceful life?

Jimmy thought retirement was going to be an easy transition. But then he meets Edmund, his grumpy, anti-social next-door neighbor.

The instant Jimmy hears about the lawn competition, he jumps right in before realizing that winning will require a lot more than just mowing his lawn. A whole lot more.

Can Edmund and Jimmy discover the true meaning of love thy neighbor? Or does that fly out the window as the men battle to win the Lawn War.

This lighthearted Christian series is available for free on Kindle Unlimited.