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In Love with the Viscount
In Love with the Viscount

In Love with the Viscount


4.30 (45 ratings)

From USA Today bestselling author Julianne MacLean comes a breathtaking historical romance trilogy set during the Gilded Age, featuring three American sisters who set sail for London to capture aristocratic husbands.

Could this love nonsense really be worth the trouble?

To Adele Wilson the answer is clear: of course not. She has seen her two sisters dragged through scandal and heartbreak (not to mention every ballroom in London) to find the husbands of their dreams. And that’s why she said yes to the first amiable British lord who requested her hand. And why shouldn’t she marry him? He is kind, honest, and not sentimental in the least.

Unlike his wilder, more mysterious cousin Damien Renshaw, Viscount Alcester. Ignoring Damien altogether would be easy if he were the sort of dishonorable man intent on seducing his cousin’s betrothed. But he is clearly trying to resist her, and his suddenly proper behavior only makes him more tempting to the usually well-behaved Adele. Indeed, Damien seems to be bringing out another side of Adele, a heady, passionate, exhilarating side. It seems that fate is contriving to teach her — against her best intentions — exactly what this love nonsense is all about …

NOTE: This novel was originally published under the title MY OWN PRIVATE HERO in 2004.

“If you haven’t been reading Julianne MacLean, you haven’t been reading romance.” Bestselling author, Karen Hawkins


Edwina "I Love books"

Its Almost impossible for me to believe Julianne MacLean wrote "In Love With the Viscount"!! This is the last story in the American Heiress Trilogy and its written Badly and Rushed.

Adele Wilson is on her way on a ship from America to England to marry Harold the Earl of Osulton. Adele is kidnapped from off the ship. That makes no sense to me. We never know if the ship was docked or still at sea.

In charges Damien Renshaw Viscount of Alcester. He kills the man who is holding Adele captive and protects her sleep beside her so she won't be afraid to fall asleep. They begin to feel a very strong attraction to one another. But Damien is Harold cousin and best friend. I understand there feeling guilty about this. But Harold constantly ignores Adele and he only wants to conduct his science research. He reprimand's her to act more like a English women. Adele soon realizes she doesn't love or want Harold.

Adele is so confused and down right mean and nasty to Damien after all he has done for her. She says awful things to him. This goes on through out the entire book. Its just to much Angst in this story. Even the Epilog is not about Adele and Damien its about Lily!! WTH? The author never bothered to give a proper HEA for Adele and Damien. We just know they get back together and we assume they marry.

The story is rushed and noting really fits together in the storyline. I am sorry but this is an awful story!! Bad writing in every sense. If I didn't get this story on Kindle Unlimited I would have returned it for a full refund. Don't Waste your time on this. I gave the first to stories in this trilogy 5 stars.

An Excellent Story of Love Found.

What started as a convenient marriage turns into anything but. No marriage and not too convenient either. With twists and turns they end up as they should.

sue sillimam

I gave it a four rating. I gave it a four rating and I enjoyed it was a good story

Kindle Customer
A Great Series

Three American Sisters who come to England for a season. This is the final sisters story and is just as good as the other two. This author always spins a good tale and her twists are believable and entertaining. Can't wait to read the spin offs as all of her characters are interesting and each deserve their own book.

Kindle Customer
The last of the sisters to marrry.

Adele Wilson is to marry a man who she thinks will be just right for her. He is a scientist and just perfect for her she thinks. Her family has always thought she was the 'well behaved' daughter. As she reaches England she is kidnapped. Her future husband's cousin is sent to find her and rescue her. In the time they spend together she finds there is note to herself than she has always let everyone see. Damien is always devoted to his cousin. Can they get past what they feel or must they have each other and be happy?


That’s all I can say for this final in the series. Reads like a sappy teenage party with a few adults thrown into the mix. Please grandma, quit calling the h cupcake. And a tart table, please just no. The 1st in the series was good and drew me in, the 2nd started off well but struggled to finish. The 3rd, I wondered if it was the same author. Sorry folks.

Cynthia L. Bogner
3.5 rounded to 4

This book had much potential. A kidnapping, a quick betrothal to a decent but distracted fiancée, a dashing cousin, a petulant and devious sister, an adorable grandmother, and a supporting cast we have grown fond of in previous books. But there was just something missing. Probably another 100 pages.

There needed to be more room for Adele and Harold to grow apart and for Adele and Damien to grow closer. The missing plot development created some rather cartoonish characters at the end, primarily Harold and Violet who sounded like a couple of two-year-olds. I was especially disappointed in how Harold was handled near the end because he seemed, up to that point, shy and bookish - socially awkward- rather than selfish and immature. Even the H and h sometimes came off a little two-dimensional. I’m hoping Whitby and Lily are treated more carefully because Whitby is looking pretty mercenary and Lily quite tragic. Their story holds great promise.