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HUBRIS: A lost boat, a stray girl and a gutted salt faze Scottish police
HUBRIS: A lost boat, a stray girl and a gutted salt faze Scottish police

HUBRIS: A lost boat, a stray girl and a gutted salt faze Scottish police


4.30 (651 ratings)
DI Charlie West and irrepressible ex-detective James Munro return in a new murder mystery

When a sheep farmer boards a stricken fishing vessel stranded on the shore, he is in for the shock of his life. Within lies the body of a man who is, for all intents and purposes, inside out.

The police find a filleting knife in the hold, covered in the victim’s blood. DI Charlie West arrives on the scene, and given the obvious disembowelment, immediately determines that a murder has taken place.

The boat is otherwise abandoned, but detectives soon trace the owner, a man well known to the police. Cocksure, he has a clear alibi but after some less-than-delicate probing, his story springs a leak.

However, the investigation is thrown into confusion when a local girl goes missing. What is the connection to the gutless sailor? Or the arrogant boat owner?

Set in a stunning location, spiced with humour and with a fair sprinkling of clues for the avid mystery solver, you’ll be glued to the pages of this gripping whodunnit.

HUBRIS is the eleventh book to feature retired detective James Munro and his protégé DI Charlotte West. It represents something of a departure from previous books in that West plays a central role. But Munro, with his sage advice and hearty appetite for the finer things in life, is never far away.

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Kindle Customer
Good book

This was a pretty good book, I'm not a big fan of mysteries but it has several twists and turns to make it interesting.

Kindle Customer

I'm sorry the series came to an end too soon. What happens with Dougal and Kay, does Charlie ever go for drinks with Andy?

Awful writing, a dud!

This book felt like it was written by an adolescent - with adolescent actors in a play, not grown up professionals. Having read all books in this series, this is the first major disappointment. The way these detectives talk to each other is a constant litany of snappy replies. The narrative reads like the dialogue, attempting a joke in almost every sentence. It makes for very tedious reading. I was fed up with it less than a quarter into the book. I skipped many pages just to get to the end.
If the next book in this series is written the same way it’ll be the end of the series for me.

Kindle Customer
Got Lunch?

The clues keep popping up so that these cops never get a chance to eat. Sometimes they need to draw a family tree. Nicely twisted story has a light romantic whisper of things to come. Did not figure out how many people were involved. Not your average who done it. Pretty close to a five star.

Kindle Customer
Read all 11 books

After having read all 11books in this great series, I must say, that all books are wonderful.
Everyone needs to take the time and read, these great books.
The stories are great and the characters are just wonderful to get to know.


I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and I hope there are many more. I plan to check out his other books next.

Next book, please?

I am bereft, having finished the last book available in the series. I was pleased to see Dougal at last finding a fitting romantic interest and to see Charlie and Duncan really coming into their own as individual investigators and as a team. The author made the point throughout this story that detecting is a young person's game, requiring stamina and sleep deprivation, but thinking, theorizing, and directing can be done from the comfort of an overstuffed chair. I am hoping to have more from Jimbo in future releases, since this sharp-witted, engaging character cannot be allowed to completely retire and just fade away.

Twisting plot

Very convoluted plot of characters. Some very sad ,victims of circumstance. Duncan and Dougal need to get on with their lives.