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How To Wake A Sleeping Lady
How To Wake A Sleeping Lady

How To Wake A Sleeping Lady


4.60 (244 ratings)
A forgotten love, a twist of fate, and a second chance at a happily-ever-after.

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After being swept out to sea, Nessa Barrett, Countess of Wentford, is nursed back to health at an abbey. While her body heals quickly, her mind remains lost to her. Without even the knowledge of her own name, she has nothing and no one to return to.

Three years pass and Martha−as the nuns name her−settles into her new life…until one day a man shows up on the abbey’s doorstep, claiming that she is his long-lost wife.

Grant Barrett, Earl of Wentford, has followed countless leads searching for his wife and, yet, he’d never allowed himself to believe that he would ever find her alive. And then after three years, he sets foot into a remote abbey and his heart reawakens.

Overwhelmed, Grant is shocked to learn that his wife remembers neither him nor herself. Still, after finding his other half a second time, Grant is unwilling to ever let Nessa go again.

What will it take to conquer her heart once more, to make her fall in love with him all over again?

Happy Ever Regency
Book 1 - How To Wake A Sleeping Lady
Book 2 - How To Tame A Beastly Lord
Book 3 - How To Climb A Lady's Tower