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His Pretend Baby: 50 Loving States, Oregon
His Pretend Baby: 50 Loving States, Oregon

His Pretend Baby: 50 Loving States, Oregon


4.50 (381 ratings)

So I was pretty sure my dead ex-boyfriend’s brother hated me…until he asked me to marry him. And pretend his brother’s baby—which I’m carrying, BTW—is really his.

So now I’m suddenly the wife of a quirky tech billionaire, and falling in like with him so fast, it’s beginning to feel an awful lot like love. But we both have issues, and there are shadows creeping around the edges of our fledgling relationship. Can two people as different as we are make a pretend relationship real?

Find out if the Freak and the Geek can find their way to a happy ending in this unique standalone interracial romance. Perfect for readers who like their heroines off-beat and their alphas super geeky.

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Carol D.
Love is their process

This book could not have shocked me more. This would be such a great movie. Go and Nyla's story is pure heart with a don't blink dynamic roled right on into the plot. Lil' dis is a big surprise and the favor is continuously returned. Every word is a delight, and a lesson, oh, and it tells a pretty hot love story to boot. A must read.

Jasmine Perkins-Hewett
My New Go To Author

I'm in love with her interracial couples books. I've been reading them nonstop for a while. Time for book 2 of this series!

Kindle Customer
As usual, Theodore Taylor delivers

As usual, Theodore Taylor delivers. It was a great book. Full of emotion and real characters. It was off the charts full of romance. That burning romance that really gets to you.

Nyla & Go make a go of it.

This story was fun. I love fake relationships. The humor that the author infused made Go and his ways less rigid. I believe his Aspergers was done well and the dialogue was believable. Nyla was a likable heroine with a kind heart. I loved the things she said to Go that allowed him to feel less of an “other” in his family and life. She was a great match for him.

There was some subjects like abused lightly discussed but they were not delved into. But I wish there was more interaction with the family since they knew more than they let on about the Nyla and Go.

Go and Nyla are perfection

How do you keep coming up with these amazing stories. Everyone is so fun and this couple was just straight up crazy wonderful. I Love how truly bonkers go was and he didn’t really change he was himself the whole time which is great

Erica Franklin

I always keep coming back tire read this book! I’m such a fan of the seemingly shy or quiet guy that completely ROCKS YOUR WORLD behind closed doors and BOY HOWDY does Go accomplish that! I also love Nyla and Theodora Taylor’s continued writing of strong, smart women of color who may have been hurt but they are open to love again.