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Highlander's Favorite Enemy: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance
Highlander's Favorite Enemy: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance

Highlander's Favorite Enemy: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance


4.60 (3 ratings)
Unrequited love might be a blessing in disguise...Ailsa MacAaulay is perfectly happy waiting to marry James Mackie, the man of her dreams. But one small misstep at her betrothal feast makes her the victim of an abduction.And her captor is the most odious villain she has ever met—also the most handsome.Niel, Laird of the MacLeans, has to prevent the alliance of the Mackie and MacAulay clan to protect his own people. So, in a desperate attempt to stop this unholy union, he steals the bride.Despite the initial hostility, Ailsa and Niel can't seem to stop their rising feelings, and soon, captor and captive are caught in a tangled web of hatred and passion.One heated kiss leads to another, but just as they are about to reach the peak of their desire, Ailsa's family arrives to reclaim her. However, she is not aware of the grave danger she is in and that without Niel's help, nothing can stop her impending doom...He took her by force, she loved him willingly…


Valerie A. Schmid
Trust in each other's strengths

Wow! Another wonderful story. I was enthralled the whole way through. I read it in one day.

Sheryl C.
Strong characters

Enjoyed this story. Strong characters, passion, betrayal, steamy passages. It has all the elements!

Mimi Dyer
From Beginnig to End

This is a delightful read from the first dance and almost kiss to the second wedding and molten passion for these two frenemies turned lovers, marriage partners, and leaders. Their personalities are so lovable, especially because their roles are reversed from the traditional. She is feisty, bellicose, and stubborn while he is thoughtful, kindhearted, and loyal. Shona Thompson spins a grand tale across the lush landscape of the Scottish highlands as clans struggle to forge covenants to protect themselves from each other and the English. I withheld the fifth star only because there are a few edits such as repetition of text and misnomers that need to be completed before final publication.