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Hidden in Plain Sight: A Sweet Romantic Suspense
Hidden in Plain Sight: A Sweet Romantic Suspense

Hidden in Plain Sight: A Sweet Romantic Suspense


4.40 (184 ratings)
He's a member of a prominent family in Forbidden Lake looking to finish his degree. She's trying to make ends meet and stay out of the spotlight, which is pretty much impossible when someone starts a relationship with one of the Addlers...

Jonathan Addler doesn't know why he wants to impress his father, but he does. And that means finally finishing his degree. He signs up for the introductory cooking class, thinking it will be a huge waste of time. Then he meets Cassandra Caldwell, and everything changes.

Cassie wants one thing: to keep her twin brothers safe. After her mother's death, she took them in and relocated to Forbidden Lake, where she's done whatever she could to keep them off the radar of their convict father. She doesn't want to risk her family and career, but the more time she spends with Jon, the more she wonders if he's worth the risk.

They agree to keep their budding romance under wraps, especially once Cassie gets notified that she's up for a promotion at the college that would allow her to give up her second job. As she and Jon carry on their relationship behind closed doors, he falls harder and harder for her. But she can't really commit to a relationship when she has emergency escape bags packed and in the trunk of her car.

Can Jon convince her Forbidden Lake is safe and to stay with him? Or will she run again, shattering her heart—and his—in the process?

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1. Orchard in an Oasis
2. Cabin by the Creek
3. Lantern on the Lake
4. Business on the Bay
5. Wishing on the Waves
6. Secrets by the Shore

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