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Her Tempting Protector: Navy SEAL Romance
Her Tempting Protector: Navy SEAL Romance

Her Tempting Protector: Navy SEAL Romance


4.60 (326 ratings)


Navy SEAL Cullen Lyons was on a mission in the wilds of Africa, where all hell was breaking loose. There were riots and massacres, and he was stunned to find that in the middle of it all was one lone woman determined to make a difference. A smart and beautiful woman who made his heart beat faster and made him think about forever.

Dr. Carys Adams, knew it was going to take a miracle to save the newborn baby and keep the young mother alive. How was she going to get this little family transported to the hospital three days away? She had never met a man like Cullen Lyons, every instinct told her that she could trust him, that she had finally found someone she could lean on, but what if she was wrong? Was he really the hero he seemed to be?

Now it was Cullen’s job to evade the brutal rebel forces who had targeted Carys and the young family and get them to safety. Convincing her the only way to safety was a dangerous journey through the hazards of Africa was the first step. Making sure the little family didn’t die during the difficult journey, was the second. The third step was persuading Carys that they just might have a future together. Could he do it?


Jennifer Leigh
Wow! So emotional!

I loved Cullen and Carys’ story so much! She has been through so much, but still manages to put others first! What an inspirational character! And don’t even get me started on the awesomeness of Cullen... the way he takes care of her and the baby, especially is so swoon-worthy! I normally don’t like slow burn romances as much, but this one was appropriate because of the high stress situation they were in and Carys’ past. It’s always good to see some characters from past books, and I look forward to reading the rest of the Night Storm books as soon as I can get them!

Another good one

I loved Cullen in book one and knew that his story would be just as good. He falls hard for Doctor Carys and does everything he can to help her and keep her patients safe. The brotherhood of this Seal team is still going strong as they fight their way out of situation after situation. It is very military detail oriented as the first was and it kept on the edge during certain moments, I just wished I could connect with the characters more.

Fantastic romantic suspense…

*4.5 stars*

I got that ‘woohoo’ feeling when this story hit my kindle and it stayed! There was a lot to enjoy in this second outing – a high-adrenaline, danger-filled read that brought Carys and Cullen together…

Danger, suspense, action – it was all here as Carys battled for survival for her and those she protected. His team was there to assist and Cullen was front and centre, keeping her safe. And sane… Carys was a wonderful heroine – focused when she needed to be with vulnerabilities that made her achingly human. Cullen was military-ready with a squishy heart for Carys, who was strong under fire with empathy and courage he fell hard for…

This was military romance at its finest as the team, everyone, fought to stay alive under horrendous conditions. I have a soft spot for the ‘protector’ trope, I admit. Who wouldn’t want to be strong and independent yet have someone equally strong and supportive at their back? *swoon* Be prepared for the butterflies as this was a fast-paced path to love…

*Reviewed for 1-Click Addict Support Group

Kindle Customer
The bigger they are...

I was so surprised to find Carys Adams again in this story. The bigger surprise was finding Cullen Lyons find her. The sparks and snarks between these two will blow your mind. I'm so happy with this happily ever after.

Buckle Up!

Cullen and Carys story had me laughing out! Leave it to this author to create two really strong characters who you totally gravitate towards throughout the story. The plot was excellent. I love it when a story can give you all the feels. In this one, Carys is destined to endure another situation just as bad as before. Cullen learns quick how He just might have found what his parents have while on his current mission.

Kindle Customer
Will Carys and Cullen be able to get the newborn and his mom to hospital alive?

Love this book and that we get to see Carys again. She and a nurse were taken to a mom who is in labor and has three other kids. After they left all he'll broke loose and the new government was taken over by rebels again. SEALs are sent in to find Carys and all the doctors without boarders people. When the find Carys, they realize that mom and all three girls have been severely abused and one of the girls needs hospital now. Cullen stays to protect Carys, mom and baby. They end up stealing a vehicle to go on the run but heading to the hospital. Will mom make it alive? What will happen when they are back home? Will Cullen be able to track down where she is so he can see her again and tell her what she means to him?

Toi Acton
Great Read

Carys and Cullen are absolutely meant together, with everything that's put in front of them to get to the hospital with mama and her baby it's not a miracle that fall in love without having a date.

Pamela Reveal
A rrue journey to a great read

Cullen and Carys characters pull you in from the start. Carys broke my heart she was such a giving person but each and everytime she suffered pain. Caitlyn Oleary writes amazing emotional journeys with spectacular characters. This is a book that you start and cant put down. I cant wait to read more