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Graveyard Bound
Graveyard Bound

Graveyard Bound


4.70 (20 ratings)

It is 1943. New York City private detective Jack Ryder gets an urgent request from the FBI. Ryder is supposed to kill a dangerous Nazi. He also must help a client who fell in love with a woman he saw on a train platform. The client doesn't know her name but has a clue in the jacket she was wearing. Ryder aids an emotionally damaged veteran, but the two of them are in love with the waitress Ruth. Only one of them can win her heart.


Ian J. Miller
Easy to read

This is the sixth Jack Ryder book, and it starts in an odd way: Jack is a private detective and is asked by the US government to murder a Nazi spy. Just why the US government cannot do this themselves is curious, and they don't even pay a fee (apart from not locking Jack up, but if they could do that on no grounds, why can't they with a spy?). Anyway, is you may guess from the title, Jack is in danger. Unfortunately, the book is told in the first person so we know Jack can't die until the last page, and not even then if the author wants book 7. Jack is somewhat light-hearted, and the author is not that interested in clever detection; basically Jack does a lot of footwork, and the cases, and there is a bit of a tangle of them, are more or less only demanding of such footwork, and some helpful friends in the underworld.
The writing style is rather light-hearted, so it is easy to read. Jack is a well-defined character, the rest are a bit murky, which is what they should be so we can suspect them. The action is plausible, although I think Jack should have died the way he carries on. To summarise, it is a pleasant crime story that portrays something of the life in New York during the war.

geri holderman
Great boob

Great book enjoyed it a lot read in onTye sitting love the characters . jack is great will red more of these books

Lupe H.

I love detective novels, and "Graveyard Bound" by Lawrence J. Epstein is being added to my treasury of detectives. Ryder is just one of those characters that you cannot help but feel connected to. I realize that this is not the first book in the series, but it is the first book that has introduced me to Jack Ryder. Not to mention that the time frame in which the story takes place is not one I read about too often unless there is some sort of time travel gimmick. Ryder is no innocent flower and he certainly has plenty of flaws, but he is relatable. How many people in this world can honestly say they are a paragon? Very few. Being tasked to kill someone, by the FBI no less, as well as investigating for his actual clients brings on the mystery, the plot twists that we might not see coming. There is even a bit of romance thrown into the mix and I feel this gives the story a realistic quality. I love the wording and descriptions, the emotions portrayed, the acceptance, and knowing where the character stands and where they could go from there. I want to read the other books in this series, I loved this one that much! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good thriller as well as detectives.

Mia C.
A very good novel

Graveyard Bound is the sixth book in the Jack Ryder Mysteries, written by Lawrence J. Epstein. I've read previous works from this author and it was not a surprise that I liked this one so much, because the previous ones were really good, too.
Set in New York in the year 1943, this is the story of Jack Ryder, a private detective whose help is needed by the FBI. The story in which he is caught is very interesting and got me reading at the edge of my seat. I read it so eagerly that once I noticed, I was about to finish the book; it is not a long read though.
I recommend this installment and the previous ones as well.

Susel Dezzani
Amazing book!

Graveyard Bound is Book six of The Jack Ryder Mysteries series. Written by distinguished English professor, Lawrence J. Epstein, this is one of those stories that stays with us long before we finished reading them.
The story is set in New York in 1943 and it revolves around a detective named Jack Ryder. As I carried on reading the story, I felt an attachment to him. I did not want him to get hurt and kept wanting him to succeed at his goal. The author wrote and created this character very well, and I really appreciated that.
I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who likes crime and historical thrillers!

Douglas L. Rathgeb
Not Your Everyday Private Eye

I have enjoyed all the previous Jack Ryder mysteries, and the more I delve into his world, the more I realize that he is quite different than the classic fictional detective characters. Mike Hammer, for example, has no moral code other than to get the guy who killed his pal or whatever. And he enjoys inflicting pain. Sam Spade is a bit more human -- and humane -- but he's still strictly business. He turns over his lover to the cops because she killed his partner and when that happens, he says, "You have to do something." Phillip Marlowe is much the same, with a heart that beats regularly but is seldom used except in the pursuit of love. All of which brings me to Jack Ryder, who does as many violent things as any of the above, but he suffers from it. If it doesn't sound too corny to say the words, he CARES. He is in a constant struggle to find the better part of himself, even as the better part sometimes shows itself when he's not aware of it. Also, being an orphan without a past, he must try to plot the true course of his life without external guideposts. I'm not saying he is a better detective than the three I mentioned, only that his character traits run deeper than those characters. That's one of the reasons, aside from the usual ones, that maker him an interesting character. And as the series continues, I suspect that we'll see more of the Jack Ryder that sets him apart.

Complicated, Multi-layered Detective Story

Graveyard Bound is written in a simple manner, but its pages unfold multiple and multi-layered detective stories which a lonely man solves while taking recurrent risks to his life. Here what meets the eyes is very different than what is the actual fact and only a sharp mind can discern this difference. Luckily, Rider, the protagonist, has some strong contacts like Vinny, who ran a supermarket of crimes. The story is clean can also be read by a teenage reader.

I am always keen to read about this interesting character!

I never get enough of The Jack Ryder Mysteries Books! I am always keen to read about this interesting character, a lonely widower and private detective of New York in the 40s, who always has a riddle to solve, a woman or a victim to save and a wound to heal.

“Graveyard Bound” is the sixth book in the series, by author Lawrence J. Epstein, whose prose is not only clean and lean, which makes the novel understandable for the aimed readers; but also, it masterfully delves in the suspense, in an amazing and in-depth plot that will leave them on the edge of the seat with every turn of the page!