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The Missing Children
The Missing Children

The Missing Children


4.20 (2 ratings)
From M A Comley, NY Times bestselling author of the Justice series, who has sold over three million copies worldwide to date.

"Please help me!"

The abandoned house is full of whispers.

DI Kayli Bright and her partner are used to dealing with difficult cases.

But nothing prepares them for what lies ahead.

Nothing rocks a community more than the discovery of a child's body.

Everyone, from Kayli's superiors to the press, are demanding answers.

Will Kayli be able to overcome the revelations she's about to uncover?

Can Kayli prevent evil from dominating her patch? Or will her frustrations intensify as the clues dry up.

Will it be a case of someone's thirst for evil being stronger than a detective's desire to obtain justice?

Find out by grabbing your copy of this gripping thriller today.

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