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Finley's Claim: A Dark Mafia Romance
Finley's Claim: A Dark Mafia Romance

Finley's Claim: A Dark Mafia Romance

by and

4.60 (185 ratings)

They call me the Cosa Nostra Prince.
The first son of the most dangerous Salvatore Mafia family.
We run the crime. We take the money. We control the war.

So when our ‘launderer’ decides to run with one hundred million dollars of our money, you can bet we’ll hunt them down.

Only they’ve run to a place they think they’re safe.
A place that’s heavily guarded.
An island in the middle of nowhere.
Where the son of my family's enemy promises me a bloody and violent end. 

Only I don’t care about him…My sole focus is her.
Pretty, plain Annalise Eden. 
I’ll hunt her. I’ll corner her. I’ll claim her too.
She’s the one they secretly call ‘the Ghost’.
The woman who’s made my family millions.
Millions we want back…

Finley's Claim is a FULL LENGTH dark mafia romance standalone. This series can be read in any order but it is recommended to start with Finley's Claim.



Excellent couldn't put the book down, about a son who's father was a mafia boss, and a girl who's dad worked for the mafia. A MUST READ.

Marina J.
Ummmm what did I just read

This would’ve been so good had the story been delivered better. Chaos.... the book would’ve been good had the authors explained everything properly. So many things left unanswered. Who killed Fin’s mom? What is the deal with Dominic? Why did it jump two years with little background with the relationship? What’s going to happen now to Fin and Anna? Where is the HEA? This was a jumbled mess. Errors galore as well. Hope book two is better. Only reason I’m moving onto book two is because of Lazarus and Kat’s story.

Adele duffy
A fantastic hot read!!!

This is a brilliant hot mafia romance that I really enjoyed reading. There is plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked until the very end. This had a gripping storyline that I couldn’t put down!!! The chemistry between these two characters is sizzling hot!!! This definitely a must have read.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

Pulls you right in

I loved everything about this book, from start to finish. The series continues with different couples which is great, I am already reading the second book, the only thing is I would love to have Anna and Finley's story continue. Hopefully there will be in the future

Jennifer Bishop

This is a fantastic mafia read! I loved Finley and Anna’s story! It is full of action, intrigue, mystery, steam, betrayal, and so much more! I would definitely recommend this book and cannot wait to read the next one!

Tracy Curtis
good start to a series

I purchased this book via Amazon and am leaving my review voluntarily.

murder, violence, sexual assault,

Finley, mafia prince. his dad is in charge of the family business. Fin has his eye on the family money guys daughter. He follows her to the mafia island school.

Annalise, her father was weak, dragged his daughter into helping him work for the mafia but after his betrayal, it falls on her to fix it.

Young characters but I felt like the authors did a good job with the storyline. Interested in reading more.

Secrets. Drama. Sexy time. HEAfn

Great start to a series!

This was a fantastic start to a great series. The drama and angst really put it over the top for me. & I love a territorial j/p man! I can't wait to see what happens in the rest of the series!

R.L. Wheelz
What the heck!?

No, just NO! I read all that hub bub, and that’s it (no epilogue!)…I’m assuming maybe we learn more about their further second hand in coming books about other characters but NO! I wanted a darn epilogue! I feel cheated! I’m at a loss for how much I didn’t like this book. The plot was scattered, too many characters, the beginning didn’t make sense, the ending was rushed, and … idk, I’m so mad about no epilogue that I can’t think right.
Overall , two stars !
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Amber Wagner
Great read

If you like mafia romances this is for you! I was hooked from the very beginning. I can’t wait for the rest of them to be released!