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Brock's Mate
Brock's Mate

Brock's Mate


4.70 (208 ratings)
He used to be the one who saved people.
Now he’s the one they need to be saved from.
Until fate sends him one last out-of-control shifter—and he’s her only hope…

After years of healing other people’s pain and darkness finally drove his wolf over the edge, Brock left his job, his family and his calling behind, ending up on the fringes of the Wild Blood crew. The one who doesn’t really belong; the one whose wolf is too wild, whose heart is too numb to ever find Ms. Right—or even Ms. Right Now.

Especially if she’s a shifter in trouble. Been there, done that, tried to fill the holes in their hearts until they bled him dry. He’s done.

All her life, Desi Phillips has been a magnet for bad situations and men who want to trap her in them. Luckily for her, her penchant for getting into trouble is matched by her talent for getting back out of it and disappearing. That is, until her latest boyfriend turns her into a freaking out-of-control werewolf, setting ex-shifter-government agent Brock Reilly on her trail.

Desi’s not like the needy, clinging women Brock’s fallen for in the past—in fact, her only goal is to get as far away from him as possible. But to keep her from getting imprisoned as a rogue, he has to chase her down and persuade her to stay with him long enough to learn to control her wolf.

Could Desi’s worst betrayal turn out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to her? And has Brock finally found a woman he can save—one who's willing to save him back?



What can I say that I haven't said before, Anastasia never disappoints in her books. I have read all of her series and with each one I am amazed. Not a dull moment people a must read.


On the run desi needs to deal with being a wolf. Brock needs a strong mate. Db gets in too deep and needs help.

Shonda S.
Great storyline

I love this book because of its storyline. It reminded me that no matter what happened in the past, we're not broken but made stronger. I found the characters easy to get lost in. I didn't put the book down till I got done with it.

Kindle Customer
Covers a forced change, sex slavery, runaways, and remaking shattered lives whole with love.

Brock, the wolf shifter healer whose wolf took all the pain of those he healed, meets a newly turned, against her will, wolfess who doesn't even realize she's a shifter yet. Even though he'd promised his wolf no more broken shifters, he feels strongly drawn to Desi, enough that he follows her and captures her so he can explain what she is before the Shifter Council catches and maybe kills her. DB, the Al-Madieri Drake, the Habakki-ur dragons, all get pulled into the repeated attempts to kidnap Desi by the shifter group who turned her without permission or explanation. It takes the forces of the Al-Madieri Drakken Clan, the Wild Blood Crew, the Bad Blood Crew, and several other allies to overcome the sorcerer and his red eyed magical wolf shifters that are after Desi, and who had decided a wolf healer and a young Drakken are also valuable to their experiments.

Stella Shahan

Another great story full of action love and comedy. I love the characters the storyline and how the crew all come together.

Troy Ann Sawyer
Saving the best the best for last.

Brock was a special character because he saved everyone, always putting himself last. When he grew up he needed a certain type of mate and someone strong. Cheers for Desi. Hoping more to come of the Wild Bloods. .

Jean M. Nielson
Loved Brock's story!

Absolutely loved this book!! What a great author!!

Miss Stacy
Book 7 in the series

The best was saved for last.... or was it since all seven books are great. Brock has struggled through all these books and for him to meet his match!!