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Fall in Love Book Bundle: A Small Town Romance Box Set
Fall in Love Book Bundle: A Small Town Romance Box Set

Fall in Love Book Bundle: A Small Town Romance Box Set

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4.90 (57 ratings)

Twelve full-length novels from some of your favorite bestselling romance authors! This special box set features small town romance at its finest. A gift to our readers and a great way to introduce you to new authors to love, prepare to fall in love with this all new anthology.TRUTH OR BEARD by Penny ReidNOT WHAT I EXPECTED by Jewel E. AnnHARD PRESSED by Kate CanterbaryTHE HEARTBREAKER by Claire ContrerasSTUD MUFFIN by Jiffy KateFIX by Molly McAdamsTHE BRIBE by Willa NashLANDSLIDE by Kathryn NolanOTTERLY IRRESISTIBLE by Erin NicholasBAD ALIBI by Jessica PrinceON THE ROCKS by Kandi SteinerANY LUCK AT ALL by Denise Grover Swank and A.R. Casella


N. Becker
An amazing deal!!

I’ve already read 3 of the books in this box set (Penny Reid, Jiffy Kate, and Kandi Steiner) and they are amazing reads!!!! Worth the cost for sure, and then there’s like 9 more books on this of that!!!! An I crédible deal for all these gems.

Aunt G
Small town charm, feels, swoon & fun

This is an incredible collection for those who love small town romances. I have previously read Otterly Irresistible by Erin Nicholas and here is my review: I loved this book so much! This book gave me all the feels I could ask for as grumpy and hot, Griffin and quirky and sunshiny, Charlotte (Charlie) fall in love. These two take you on quite a romp as their dueling personalities clash with their very much matching desire for each other! So yes, you can expect plenty of sparks but also tons of humor, sweetness, small town charm and boatloads of the zaniness that the beloved Landry family brings to every book they appear in. Toss in some drama and a rock solid base of heartfelt genuineness and you have yourself a book that will steal your heart and make you eager to return to this bayou again and again. I can't wait to enjoy the rest of this collection.

Kindle Customer
What a gray collection!!

This collection has some pretty awesome authors!! Small towns are so fun and the people who live there make things so exciting! I have previously read Otterly irresistible by erin Nicholas and loved it!! This is my review for it.
I knew when I first encountered Griffin I would fall hard and fast for him. He is a growly, grumpy, protective animal lover and oh so delicious. Dr. Griffin Foster is everything I wanted him to be but was too afraid to ask for. He defends his animals (even though they may not be his officially) from the evils of humans and the stupid things they do. He has a soft side that he doesn't show to anyone but the animals. A man who talks to and has conversations with the animals? Sign me up.
Charlotte Landry is a heroine that I could get into a lot of trouble with. She is passionate about many things. Especially defending people who can't or won't stand up for themselves. Her passion gets her into trouble with a capital T. But her motivation behind it is always with good intentions. Her love for her family bleeds over into her desire to have the family business succeed. The Boy of the Bayou swamp boat tour company can use her expertise in marketing to make the business even more successful. And she will do anything to make that happen.
To say that every Erin Nicholas book leaves me with warm fuzzy feelings would be an understatement. She has this way of making me fall in love with her characters and her settings and her stories. This one spoke to me even more than others because of the animals. I knew going in that I already loved the otters since they have been a developing story for about six books now. We couldn't be in the Bayou without Gus. But she has added goats, alpacas, pigs, ducks and so many more animals that I'm ready to pack my bags to work with all of them. And then she adds in this great romance that I adore! Griffin and Charlie don't seem to make sense at first. She is perfect for him since she is temporary. He is perfect for her since he is straight forward and uncomplicated. Once they are thrown into each other's more permanent lives, passion isn't a strong enough word. The way they fit is so perfect!


Kate Canterbary once again delivers a flirty, fun and witty story that will wow readers. Hard Pressed is set in Talbott's cove and is a small-town romance that will make you fall in love with not only the quaint town, but the amazing people you will meet. Canterbary has a knack for developing the most unique characters and Hard Pressed introduced some seriously memorable ones! Sheriff Jackson Lau is deliciously delectable so prepare to add him immediately to your book boyfriend list because this man is all that and a bag of homemade donuts prepared lovingly by Annette Cortassi! Jackson is the perfect man....He's protective, trustworthy, persistent, hard working, honest, romantic and, of course sexy as sin. In a word, he's magnetic. Annette is the town sweetheart....she's generous, caring, friendly and unassuming. Getting over a non-relationship, she didn't see Jackson coming. I loved watching Jackson court the beautiful Annette and I loved seeing her flourish and grow under his watchful eye. Their relationship is pure fun! And deliciously hot! There's so much sexiness that readers will wish they had their very own Jackson in their lives! Seriously.....Jackson will make you swoon HARD! And I mustn't forget to mention Brooke, Annette's best friend. She is an absolute hoot and I really hope she gets her own book in the near future. She is a force to be reckoned with and I loved her hilarious dialogue with Annette. It was pure, unadulterated FUN!

Canterbary delivers in spades with Hard Pressed. Fans new and old will relish the personal touches she adds to this story. From clever chapter titles to the finer details on each and every page, she wields her pen with a deftness that will enthrall readers from the start.


Review for Erin Nicholas’ Otterly Irresistible:

Cuteness. OVERLOAD! Griffin and Charlie's story (new series!!!) was adorable and Awww-inspiring... Seriously I spent the whole time swooning and sighing. Grouchy Griffin was actually really funny, and Charlotte was admirable in her quest to market her way to success. The family is always wonderful and supportive, and the petting zoo animals are so wonderful, I didn't want the story to end!

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