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Fair Game
Fair Game

Fair Game


4.10 (395 ratings)
"It's pure new adult at its finest." -Southern Belle Book Blog

A USA TODAY bestseller!

When you become the poker prize, all bets are off...

Jade Frost thought she was going on a date with her boyfriend--not to his poker game.

She really didn’t expect that weasel to throw her in the pot.

Then he had the nerve to lose. Talk about the perfect excuse for Jade to make him her ex-boyfriend. She wasn’t quick enough, though. Before she knows it, a frat boy wins the hand--and her.

Shep Prescott is extremely handsome and richer than sin, but he doesn’t own her. It was just a game, after all.

No matter how disinterested she acts, no matter how rudely she rejects his advances, he keeps coming back. Maybe even more than before.

He could have anything he wants, but she’s the only prize he’s after. When she finds herself starting to fall for him, Jade’s confused. There’s more to Shep than the carefree player he shows the world.

So is he ready to win her for real, or will she call his bluff?


Cute story but wanted more...

This was my first book with this author.

This was a cute story but I kept waiting for more... it seems to be missing something. More with Shep’s parents, her back story, something... I don’t know, the way it was going just kept me waiting.... maybe I just wanted more? Lots of things were left unsaid. Kind of incomplete.

I do adore Jade. Loving the redhead thing too. Not many stories starring redheads.

I would have liked more of the falling in love between the two. You can kinda see it maybe happening when *BLAM* they tell each other. I guess I missed some of that.

Not quite sure if I’m continuing on with the series. It kept my interest in that I kept reading it but I’m not sure I’m liking the writing. Maybe... we’ll see... I can say this was one of the best edited books I’ve read in a long time. Not many issues that I seen which is refreshing.

Rachel aka Galaxy Girl Reads
Cutesy and spicy

Why isn't the rating for this book higher???

I loved it. From page one, I adored Jade. Oh geez.

"Here boy. Here Shep. Momma's got a treat for you. "

I was DYING. Laughing my whole butt off.

Shep surprised me. His pursuit of Jade and persistence. His standing up for her and complimenting her til he was blue in the face? Yup. I'm a fan.

A sure bet

Shep and Jade have an interesting way of meeting, he wins her in a bet. It’s not as skeezy as it sounds. Them getting to know each other is fun. She’s sarcastic, he’s arrogant, but the end up being right for each other. A cute read.

Cassie S
Got hooked in the first sentence

Couldn’t put down Shep and Jades love story. I want more. I won’t stop until this series is finished completely.

Amanda Anderson/Beauty.and.the.bookies
One time wasnt enough for me!

You ever read a book that you read years ago and you realize it wasn't AT ALL as great as you thought it was when you first read it?
Yea that is NOT THE CASE WITH THIS BOOK. I read this when it came out years ago. This book/series actually got me into new adult and made me fall in love with the book community. So thank you to this author for helping me become who I am today. This book was just as amazing as it was years ago. But this time instead of reading it, I listened to the audio. And it was FANTASTIC. I was just as hooked like it was the first time reading it. I loved Shep and Jade just as much as I did the first time. The sex was awesome, the love/hate in the beginning between them was so believable. Not to mention the narrators did such a great job! Seraphine Valentine and Jack Dupont were so perfect for the roles of Shep and Jade, I will definitely be listening to more of them in the future. And the audio was so long! 12 hours, I didnt realize the book was that long. I cant wait to listen to the rest of the books next! I just love this author. 5 stars!

Domestic Diva
Very Entertaining

I was afraid to read this book as it is my 8th book and 3rd Monica Murphy book in less than a week (it’s the early days of COVID-19 pandemic and I’m immunosuppressed because of chemo). Once I understand a

ray and marylee
Not my kind of book

This book was not for me. Really raw and disgusting. I finished it, but it ended no where. Would not recommend. Don’t think I will be reading any future books.

Loved Jade!! Loved Shep!!

I loved that Jade had a mind of her own. I loved that Shep kept going after her and got her to accept herself. I loved the chemistry between them.
I can't wait to read all about Gabe!