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Everybody Lies
Everybody Lies

Everybody Lies


4.10 (12 ratings)

Paul Kitka likes fast cars, women and his job as a lieutenant in the Alaska State Patrol.
Candace Marshall doesn't know what she likes — being married to an abusive husband does that. She came to Alaska to kill herself: figured it was easy there, just pick a trail and keep going. Something will get you, the terrain, the wildlife, or the weather. But she discovered something she did like — Alaska. And after all, that trail would always be there.
Then Candace finds her ex-husband dead on her cabin floor. She says didn't do it, and Paul Kitka believes her. But who did kill the most hated lobbyist in Alaska?
Everyone is lying to him: Candace, the victim's family and co-workers, even Paul's own friends and neighbors. To make matters worse? The murderer isn't done.


Cliente Kindle
Very well writen story

Intreag, action and psicodrama always keep me glued, and the author masters it. It is not a love story, but this is not fundamental in a policial. Very good

Carlos Quintana
New favorite

I love Breedlove’s writing, it’s sharp and funny and man, does she have an ear for dialogue. Highly recommend.

Erin Dykman
Love Talkeetna and enjoyed this quick read.

Having been to Talkeetna twice I was eager to read this thriller and was not disappointed. Good characters, twists and turns and a complicated plot based on today's headlines.

Kindle Customer
Liked it...

A little bit goofy, a little bit rom-comish. Not really a great plot line, but enough to keep me ready.

Seattle Girl
Great read! Couldn't put it down!

Breedlove introduces two endearing and intriguing characters in this engaging murder mystery. Paul Kitka, is a gifted police investigator who readers will readily relate to and cheer for; and Candace Marshall is a strong main character who despite having endured physical and psychological abuse finds healing in the rugged mountains and people she befrIends in Talkeetna. The setting in Alaska is rich with accurate description capturing the subtle nuances that stay true to the people who live and worK in Alaska. For those looking for a great read and a mystery that is rich with plot twists and characters who are real and meaningful, then this is the book for you!

C. J. Mclaughlin
Good character development

Particularly liked the Kitca character. And the twist at the end. Thank you Lois for including the last tape at the end. All I can say is, good for her!

Jane R Stak
An Alaskan Mystery

This was a quick,engaging read. The descriptions of Alaska were spot on which I appreciated. The characters in the small town setting were fun to meet,kind of reminded me of the old television show Northern Exposure.I'm looking forward to more adventures with Lt. Paul Kitka. Ms. Breedlove,you've found another fan.

Sarah Keith
Immediately hooked me

A fast moving mystery which immediately grabbed my attention. The author brought the characters and Talkeetna to life for me. I could visualize the location with Mt. McKinley looming in the distance. The characters where well developed and some even felt like friends!

If you like a mystery that keeps you guessing until the author reveals the murderer than grab this novel and settle in for an adventure!