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Eternity Burn: Urban fantasy/paranormal romance
Eternity Burn: Urban fantasy/paranormal romance

Eternity Burn: Urban fantasy/paranormal romance


3.70 (4 ratings)

Like all eighteen-year-olds, I have positives in my life.An aunt who loves me, loyal friends, a sweet guy with the hots for me.Pretty good so far, huh? But every life has its downers, right? Things they’d swap out in a blink. I have a few.I occasionally get weird, spooky visions that, in the moment, I think are real — potentially embarrassing depending on the situation. Recently, I vomited on my hunky teacher after class when I merged minds with a pigeon and flew away—humiliating.Auntie Bea then dumps the worst possible news, out of the blue, like we’re discussing the weather. There's a world of paranormals out there, we’re witches, we belong to a coven, and the high priestess makes the ice queen look like a kindergarten teacher—that one I learned for myself.I’m not even initiated into the coven, and I’m sent on my dakeu—soul journey—during which I’m threatened by a shadowed mystery guy who is definitely hot, possibly lethal.The dakeu is supposed to be a mental journey, yet I smell him on my clothes?Please note: This is a prequel novella to my forthcoming Black Acrana series. It's set four years prior to the start of the series during the heroine's final weeks of senior school. Black Arcana is not a YA series and readers should note it will contain adult content.


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Eternity burn

This a story about a girl becoming a women who is a witch and has to give her previous life and learn the way of life a witch