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Dying To Win: Happy Hollow Stables Cozy Mystery Series
Dying To Win: Happy Hollow Stables Cozy Mystery Series

Dying To Win: Happy Hollow Stables Cozy Mystery Series


4.30 (88 ratings)
This book is a clean Cozy Mystery short story that does not contain foul language, sexual situations, witches, or paranormal events.

Holly Bridges had always dreamed of having her own stable. While out for a drive in the country, she found a farm with a large indoor arena and several outdoor arenas. Even though it looked like it hadn't been used in years, it was the perfect location for holding equestrian shows and stabling horses.

Shortly after opening, Holly managed to acquire a prominent local's horse as her first boarder. With the new tenant it looked like Happy Hollow Stable's first equestrian show could be a huge draw for the locals. Well, that is until a dead body showed up in a nearby field.

Will the show go on or will Holly have to give up her lifelong dream?


Hard work Friends and horses.

I love to read about horses and the hard work and struggles it takes to open a boarding stable. I'm from that type of environmental and the writer is absolutely write about the boarding stable except for the Dead body. I wouldn't even have guessed who would of died in this story. I was completely surprised. I will read the next book.

Kindle Customer Jean
Job well done...

This is a very fast moving short story, full of mystery, so you just have to finish it in a hurry. Well written from my view with enough interesting character's to make the story flow. Good job!!!!

KA Wright
Dying to Win - Review

It is a quick short story. Easily readable in under an hour. I found that j enjoyed reading it and would have liked a bit more depth to the characters. For such a short story, it is well written. I'll be looking to read more from Happy Hollow Stables in the future.

Kindle Customer
Short and cozy

A short story that kept my interest to the end. I enjoy the shorter length books more than the more lengthy ones. This one took a bit to get to the murder but still was interesting story. Thanks

Shirley McAllister
Who killed Erin

Holly was happy when she opened her own stables at Happy Hollow Stables. All goes well and she has students signed up for riding lessons. She is all ready for the first event when one of the boarders ,Erin,is found dead under a tractor in front of her stables. Noe she is being sued by the lawyer father and her who,e operation is in jeopardy.

Can Holly find out what happened to Erin and keep her business going?

A short cozy for an afternoon read.

Vicki Tussing
More of a novella than book...

A woman who loves horses opens a stable...holds a horse show...finds a customer murdered...gets sued. The story resolves these items.

loved it

This is the first in the series and the first time reading this author. The main character is Holly and she is opening a riding stable. When Erin decides to board her horse there, the trouble begins. When Erin is found dead , her father blamea Holly. Can she prove what really happened


Very cute first books on a series. Reads easily and smoothly. Good, quick cozy mystery. Hopeful to read more by the author.