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Dead City
Dead City

Dead City

by and

4.40 (67 ratings)
From the bestselling authors of the Invasion and Yesterday's Gone series comes Dead City, a gripping biological technothriller that blends real-world genetic engineering and high-stakes corporate espionage to deliver a heart-pumping race against the clock to save humanity from the zombie plague...One drug saved the world. Now, the same drug threatens to destroy it.Rising star Ian Keys has climbed to the top rungs of pharma giant Hemisphere — creator of Necrophage, the drug that paused the necrotic outbreak and allowed the infected to live among us.Ian’s new position gives him access to dangerous secrets that could ruin the company. When ominous hints from an anonymous insider set him on the hunt for the biggest secret of all, he discovers that the "cure" the company gave the world might not have been a cure at all.Now men are watching Ian’s house. They’re following his wife wherever she goes. When he’s called to CEO Archibald Burgess’s office, he’s taken by armed guards — then plied with vague threats.What would happen if Necrophage failed? Burgess asks. What would become of our society if the disease were allowed to progress again … and all of our well-behaved patients slowly turned feral?There’s only one person Ian can take his case to: reporter Alice Frank, who’s been trying to blow the whistle on Hemisphere for years.But is there time to save what’s left of the world … or has the inevitable slide back into chaos already begun?Dead City is the first book in the Dead World Trilogy, an intelligent, hard science fiction exploration of the zombie subgenre.


Wob's Girl
Zombies but not your typical zombies -

Zombies have been done before - a lot. This series puts a different spin on it - one definitely worth reading. Might make you think twice about big pharma if you haven't already!

Josiah Chia
Loved it

Great writing, riveting storyline, real characters. Another great book by Sterling and Stone :) Keep up the good work guys!

Amazon Customer
Just OK.

OK. A little predictable and the zombie action was a subplot to the less interesting evil drug company story. And iyou;ll probably guess the outcome of that early in the book. If the characters really grabbed me that wouldn't be so bad, but they didn't. I like other stuff by these authors better.

N. A. Armstrong
Very mixed up story

The plot was too confused there were too many loose ends. There was not enough explanation as to what the heck was going on

Xander Drax

Love this book. Would really enjoy a sequel to this. Interesting characters with a thrilling plot in an intriguing world.

Jen Turrell

I bought the audiobook version of this and found myself making all kinds of excuses to steal away with my headphones on or make extra trips in the car so I could listen alone- this one is a bit too gory for my elementary school aged kids to listen along. I really enjoyed this book, enough that when it was over I immediately tried to find the sequel so I could download it and continue the journey. Unfortunately, the sequel hasn’t been published yet, but I’m eagerly anticipating it. The attention to detail in this book, especially the scientific detail about how both the virus and the medication used to control the condition work, really impressed me and made the whole situation feel very real and plausible. I also cared deeply about a number of characters and feel worried about some of them not knowing what is going to happen to them next! A really great read for anyone into zombies, and even those who are not. I’d never read a zombie book before this one and I loved it.

C. O. Wright

A very good story different than other type stories of this kind. Once I started reading the story it was hard to put down. It had some great twist and turns.

Another Platt and Truant Masterpiece!

I loved everything about this book. Great concept (I’m a pharmacist so I geek out when my sci-fi crosses over into RX land). I love the way it ended...but I want more! I’m definitely a fan of this series and can’t wait for the next book.