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Cowboy with a Badge
Cowboy with a Badge

Cowboy with a Badge


4.50 (88 ratings)
Carly Fitzpatrick is determined to find justice for her murdered brother. Using her job as a reporter as a cover, she returns to her childhood home in Cameron, Utah to dig into the past. Her number one suspect? The McAllisters, owners of the ranch where her brother was killed.

Sheriff Devlin McAllister is suspicious and wary – she said she was there to write about the town's tourist possibilities, but she's asking a lot of questions about the past and spending too much time digging into the newspaper's archives. He'll find out what's going on – that's his job. And keeping an eye on Carly is no problem for Dev – in fact, it's hard to keep his eyes off her.

But the more time Carly and Devlin spend together, the more the lines between duty and love blur. As danger ratchets up, will Carly seek revenge, or love?