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Christmas at Hideaway Lake
Christmas at Hideaway Lake

Christmas at Hideaway Lake


4.60 (90 ratings)
A wedding - the Grand Opening of the 1940s mansion - can the holiday festivities be pulled off without a hitch?Welcome back to Hideaway Lake, a small town hidden in the lush hills of Central Pennsylvania. Once again the Myer family will be celebrating a major event. Laura and Joe plan to wed on Christmas eve, the same day as the Grand Opening of the 1940’s mansion on the hill. Find out how the rest of the family plans to spend the holidays and meet some new characters that may or may not have Hideaway Lake’s best interest at heart.Spend the holidays at Hideaway Lake with a family celebration in this feel-good women’s fiction novel.


Deborah A. Blackbourn
An Inn & A Mansion

Joe Russel was opening a mansion (inn, restaurant, event venue) when he stays at Laura Myers’ Inn. A relationship develops between the two. Joe has a rather large family as does Laura. Both families get to know each other. A wedding is being planned & it’s obvious a wedding planner is needed. Enter Savannah. There are great characters, conversations, relationships & visibly imaginative scenes! Please read this book! It is very well written & enjoyable!

Edna Turner
What will Laura's ex-husband Kurt do to stir things up this time?

Another great addition to the Hideaway Lake series. This book has Laura's and Joe's wedding in it. But there is so much more. Joe's family is in this book. Not only that but Savannah is found out to be Joe's niece, fathered by his brother Joshua. Bailey finds out who her birth parents are. I thought I had it figured out but there was a twist I didn't see coming. This book was busy but Terri brought it all together and made all the storylines work. I'm reading the 4th book now and I hope there will be many books in this series because there are so many characters in the small community of Hideaway Lake.

Charlene Burlison
Laura and Joe's families come together as the wedding approaches!

I love Hideaway Lake and all the characters. Laura and Joe's families are so fun! The wedding was wonderful. I can't wait for the next book!