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Casino Witch Mysteries 3 & 4
Casino Witch Mysteries 3 & 4

Casino Witch Mysteries 3 & 4


4.50 (20 ratings)

Book three and four of the popular Casino Witch Mysteries series.

There’s No Business like Mage Business: Casino Witch Mysteries 3
A Monza's Guide to Interpersonal Relationships
1. Train all the time.
2. Don't need anyone.
3. Cry a lot.

Ella is tired of crying. She's more powerful than ever before, but her personal life has the wow factor of vanilla ice cream. When Bear asks her to investigate a series of mysterious deaths at the ultra-hip Cauldron Festival, Ella accepts a job as one of the comedy performers but doesn't tell anyone why she is really there, not even her excited sidekick, Vanessa. Everyone thinks the Legacy overdoses were accidental, but Ella knows there is more happening. But with live concerts, parties, and events around the clock, will she be able to investigate without getting distracted? On the other hand, with Vin out of the picture, why shouldn't Ella enjoy the company of a handsome stranger? But will the investigation be derailed when those closest to her discover she is hiding secrets from even them?

Nice Day for a Mage Wedding: Casino Witch Mysteries 4
Mage Bridal Party Etiquette
1. Plan the bachelorette party even if you are given two hours’ warning.
2. Wear whatever hideous dress the bride picks out.
3. Try not to get killed and ruin the wedding.
Ella and Vanessa are having a pretty busy week between being forced to be in Vin and Tiffany’s wedding and investigating the murder of a local property manager for Bear, all while Ella tries to convince Monza Colleen that she would be a perfect apprentice. Ella is stronger than ever, but from a magical charm bracelet to collapsing ice sculptures to the bridezilla from hell, she has her hands full. Add on Patagonia’s panache for getting into trouble, and Ella might not survive.