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4.00 (333 ratings)

“This action-crammed, historically factual novel . . . is a rousing read, ably researched by Hoover”
Publishers Weekly

Barbados and Jamaica 1648. The lush and deadly Caribbean paradise, domain of rebels and slaveholders, of bawds and buccaneers. Colonists fight a wishful war for freedom against England.

CARIBBEE is the untold story of the first American revolution, as English colonists pen a Declaration of Defiance ("liberty" or "death") against Parliament and fight a full-scale war for freedom against an English fleet -- with cannon, militia, many lives lost -- over a century before 1776.

The powerful story line, based on actual events, also puts the reader in the midst of the first major English slave auction in the Americas, and the first slave revolt. We see how plantation slavery was introduced into the English colonies, setting a cruel model for North America a few decades later, and we experience what it was like to be a West African ripped from a rich culture and forced to slave in the fields of the New World. We also see the unleashed greed of the early Puritans, who burned unruly slaves alive, a far different truth from that presented in sanitized history books. Finally, we witness how slavery contributed to the failure of the first American revolution, as well as to the destruction of England's hope for a vast New World empire.

We also are present at the birth of the buccaneers, one-time cattle hunters who banded together to revenge a bloody Spanish attack on their home, and soon became the most feared marauders in the New World. The story is mythic in scope, with the main participants being classic American archetypes -- a retelling of the great American quest for freedom and honor. The major characters are based on real individuals, men and women who came West to the New World to seek fortune and personal dignity.


“This action-crammed, historically factual novel . . . is a rousing read about the bad old marauding days, ably reserarched by Hoover”

Publishers Weekly

“Meticulous . . . compelling.”

Kirkus Reviews

“It should establish Thomas Hoover in the front rank of writers of historical fiction."


Tags: Slavery, slaves, Caribbean, sugar, buccaneers, pirates, Barbados, Jamaica, Spanish Gold, Spanish Empire, Port Royal, Barbados


Most interesting

An historical fiction account of the first English colonies in the Americas. More history than fiction but very interesting and engaging.

Amazon Customer

no review

Laura Klaine
Historical Fictional Enjoyment

I fond the story an excellent read. My interest in the time period encouraged me to start reading this novel, and the author’s writing style kept my interest. I recommend the book to anyone looking for an adventure with some history behind it.

Kim K
Not what I was looking for

Was not what I was looking for in a book. I didn't get far until I realized I did not want to continue.

Power Dancer
Have read this book twice.

I do enjoyed this historical novel. It is full of information. It is a good read. I would recommend it.

Henry & Debra
Five Stars

very good book

L. Barlow
A fascinating tail of fiction based on many truths

While a very compelling story, it was not a jaw dropper. I would recommend it to students of the Caribbean and those who enjoy truth wrapped with fiction.

Fascinating history, unknown to me and undoubtedly to many others.

Fascinating history, unknown to me and undoubtedly to many others. A good read for those interested in early American history.