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Broken Trails: A second chance sweet western romance
Broken Trails: A second chance sweet western romance

Broken Trails: A second chance sweet western romance


4.50 (413 ratings)
A lonely cowboy finds a second chance at love. But her time is running out. Can they find love before it's too late?
Nathan Rourke lost almost everything he holds dear. What he still has, he'll do anything to keep.

His Montana ranch is not just a place, it's his home and what's left of his family. He's holding his own, making it work.

But then high-school sweetheart Emma reappears ... and suddenly this cowboy's life is as rough as a ride on an untamed bronc.

Emma Benson left high school without a word to Nate, rather than admit she was too ill to go on. Now she's desperate to prove she's more than the disease that keeps her dependent on her family and friends.

And she craves just one more chance at love. Nate embodies the promise of a life free from the confines of her small world. But will loving her mean he must give up his own freedom? 

Saddle up for a ride with the Montana Trails you'll never forget--lasso your copy of Broken Trails today!

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