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Brimstone and Broomsticks
Brimstone and Broomsticks

Brimstone and Broomsticks

by and

4.30 (119 ratings)

A family of witches, a sexy stranger, a missing werewolf, and a whole town of paranormal suspects!

Maintaining the town wards is the only witch-magic Cassandra Perkins performs—well, except for that time she set her ex-boyfriend's pants on fire. But when she gets stuck defending a man who claims to be the son of the devil against assault charges, Cassie finds herself firing up amulets and dusting off her broomstick.

When the werewolf he assaulted turns up missing, the additional charges pile on. Cassie needs to find the missing werewolf, clear her client's name, and get him out of town before she loses her heart.

Who knew a demon could be so hellishly sexy? Or that his arrival could cause so much trouble in a town full of werewolves, trolls, and harpies?