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Bodyguard Bear
Bodyguard Bear

Bodyguard Bear


4.60 (72 ratings)

Titus Sawyer has a secret. He's lived his whole life building a tough guy facade, but underneath the bulging muscles, he couldn't be more different.

Arabella Fernandez built her career as a pop star on sexy, sultry songs, but the truth behind the mask is far more innocent than anyone could imagine.

When Titus receives an assignment to protect Arabella, the two are shocked to find they are mates.
She tries to push him away, knowing that all he can be is a distraction. But the real reason is the secret she keeps so well hidden.

Titus wants nothing but to protect Arabella from the hyena threat, but he'll have to come clean to be the man she truly needs.
Will Titus and Arabella find their happily ever after, or will their secrets keep them apart as danger looms from every side.


A Pleasure

Another nice story. I enjoyed reading this one too. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Kindle Customer
I Wish I Could Live In Fate Valley

I love this series. Each time I start one I wish I could move to Fate Valley. This was no different. I loved the characters, well maybe except for the nasty hyenas. Lot of action and not overload on sexual content. I'm glad this is a lengthy series. It means more great stories.

Kindle Customer

Wow! The excitement and suspense at the end kept me on the edge of my seat. What a well written story!

Another great story

These stories are sweet romances with a bit of suspense. Each one does touch briefly about real world issues that occur in this fantasy world.
I would definitely recommend this book, series, and terrific author.

Quick fun story.

Arabella is a popstar. She is the daughter of a Congress woman who wants to pass a bill to try to strangle some of the actions of the hyena shifters(all shifters are affected) Titus is assigned as her bodyguard.
When they meet he realizes that she is the mate that he talked with the night before but now she is acting cold and rude toward him. Why?
They both are hiding personal things from everyone. Can they confide in each other? What will the retaliation against Arabella because of her mother cause?

Loved it

Titus was my favorite character. He was a man who was afraid to show his gental side to anyone. He is a gental giant with his mate as he pretended to be a bad was to his crew.

(Justice Squad) 3. Bodyguard Bear

In a world of discontent, they had to survive terrorists and find what they believed in a learn who they were.